Monday, March 9, 2009

Who says you can't make a project with fishing stuff?

Hey all! This is be just a quick little post since I'm not feeling well at all. I did this project along with the big buffet (that I haven't posted yet) over the weekend and have worked myself into a frazzle....literally. Anyway, I needed something to go above the buffet and looked around the house and couldn't find anything except boxes and boxes of fishing lures that trip over all the time. Sooooo the idea hit me! I went to the craft room and found this old barn wood frame that I had on hand and some mat board and then went to my supplies and found some fishing net. Then I went and asked my husband and son if they would be willing to give me some of their old lures.
My son lure hunts in the lake bottom so I knew that he would have some but didn't know if my husband would give up anything or not. I told them that I wanted one of every kind that they catch different kind of fish on and they went along with it. They were so eager to help me out. I think that the only lure that we couldn't find was for fly fishing. (I should of just had them make me one since they make most of their fly fishing stuff). They've about gotten out of that and so we couldn't find one to put in the frame. I just simple attached the netting to the mat board then the mat board to the frame and used E-6000 glue to attach the lures. Then added some jute to hang it with. I also had found a fish that I had saved from a birthday cake and glued that to the frame. Then I had the old shutters and just simply spray painted them black then gave them a good sanding to age them. Simple simple simple. So if you have a fisherman in your home and want to really make him happy (and have a place where you would be willing to hang it) then ask him for some old lures and glue away.
Enjoy! Come back and see me sometime..........

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  1. Hey Robin,
    Thank you for coming by my blog today. Thats a great frame you made and unique idea too. I bet your hubby was very proud of you.