Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Jar Jewels".....

 Hmmm well I wonder if that got your attention??? Did the fact that I titled this post "Jar Jewels" entice you enough to take a peek? I really didn't know what else to call these but love the idea so it's going to stick. These jars were originally those little Starbucks bottles with the oh so yummy vanilla flavored frappuccino in them. I simply peeled off the label and gave them a good scrubbing to get the expiration mark off the bottle as well as the majority of the gummy junk from the label and then spray painted my lids with black paint.
 I knew that I was going to use some of the pretty ribbon that I had before when I made the other glass jars to organize some of my things in (you can see that post further back) but I had been sitting around trying to recover from this never ending crud that I can't seem to shake and had made these little "jewels" not really knowing what I was going to do with them once they were done. As I was looking at the first one I thought that it resembled a crown and a light went off!!! Why YES a crown for my little jars! So this is what the final outcome was. I will also note that as I was setting the "crown jewel" on top that plain old painted lid just didn't seem luxurious enough so I used some of the crushed velvet trim that I had used on the glass part of the jar itself and made it appear that the "jewels" were on a crushed velvet cushion. Oh yes that was it. That was exactly what it needed. Now I will have yet another something pretty to sit in my craft room to not only help me organize but to look pretty as well. And what was my cost you say? Well considering the fact that I bought the Starbucks to drink anyway and all the other things I already had on hand it was virtually a free project and in my doesn't get any better than that!
Want to learn how to make your own "jewels"? My inspiration came from here .
Have a good day all and drink up!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Stork bag full of diapers...

 Ok so this is how I finished off those diapers. I saw a picture of this on Pinterest. I found out the hard way that it's easier if you put some type of stiff chipboard or cardboard on either side to help keep the baby blanket stiff while your filling it with diapers. Again this is where a couple of hands would of come in handy but since I was only blessed with 2 I made due do...ha ha get it DUE...ok enough of the baby jokes.
I used the stork picture on everything so that there would be kind of a theme in a way for the things that I made. Now I'm planning on kicking back and resting a little bit before finishing up the things that I'm working on for my front deck. But tomorrow I'll be spending the day with Mr. Candy Creek celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary!
Have fun ya'll and I hope this gives you some ideas for the next baby shower your invited too. Take care and I'll be posting more soon.

Is it a Stork or is it a Goose? Baby gift....

 Well which is it? Neither way it doesn't really matter I don't suppose cause it helped me use up more diapers!! This was actually my first idea when I sat out to get a gift and then it just kind of evolved due to the amount of diapers I bought. I had made a towel swan, goose, stork whatever you want to call it this summer and placed it on the guest bed when my brother and his yougest son came to visit and I thought it would be neat to make one similar to that and have a basket on its back made of diapers to hold extra little gifties so this is the outcome of that thought.
As you can see I placed all of the baby clothes candies inside the basket as well. Hope that this sparks some creative imaginations out there and if you do something similar will you please send me pictures so I can see them as well.
Stick around cause those diapers still aren't used up yet....There is one more post to come for the baby gift ideas.

Diaper baby bassinet and "Baby clothes candy"...

 I'm sure that you all have seen one of these by now cause I found a picture of it on Pinterest as well. I'm not sure how many diapers it took to make it but it helped lighten the diaper box a little.
 After making this I was looking at how the back side looked and thought how easy and sweet it would be to turn the baby carriage into looking like a little covered wagon. All you would have to do is use a red or blue bandanna and for the wheels you could always cut out a circle and draw lines on it to look like spokes and use double sided tape. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever am in need of another boy baby shower gift.
I lost a few of my clothes candies when I was carrying them to the kitchen to take a picture but I figured that this would give you an idea and you didn't have to see how many I made just what they looked like when they were finished. I saw this on Pinterest as well. It's just onsies, wash clothes and baby bibs rolled up. Super simple as well. The only thing that I found the 90% of the things I made was that it would of been nice to had another set of hands to help me hold some things.
Come on back cause I'm not done with the baby stuff yet...I still have more diapers to use up....
p.s. I meant to tell you that on the back of each one of the little "candies" I punched out a round tag that tells the expectant mom what exactly is inside.

Diaper Motorcycle....

 Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you some things that I've been making with diapers. Yes, I had to stop my other projects that I have going on in order to have something for the upcoming baby shower. So first off there will be several posts for ways that I was able to use all 112 diapers! Yes you heard me right and YES I did learn a lesson on NEVER EVER buying that many diapers again EVER for a baby shower gift. But now that it's all done and over with it sure is fun to look at everything.
 I saw this idea on Pinterest and just had to make one! Several things were running thru my mind as I was making it and I thought about titling my post as one of the following:
Soft Tail anyone?
Low Rider?
Easy Rider?
Monkeying around....
But as you can see I opted for none of those cause well.....think about it.
It was fun to make though and super super simple!
Now stick around cause I have more posts to come. Remember I had 112 diapers to do something with and this was only about 30 of them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revamping all of my outdoor pillows...

 Hi all! So here is a little bit of what I've been doing lately. Since I had decided to use the nautical theme on my front deck I just jumped in and got started to make that happen and here your going to get so see part of the results. So far....I took my old rocker cushions and recovered those as you can see below....
 I added a little more foam to them cause they were starting to get a little worn out where you sit at. Then I painted the life ring on as well as the rope but I used some white quilt seam binding to make the little straps that supposedly holds that rope to the life ring. I wanted a 3D effect of some  kind. I made 2 of these for our front deck.
Then I went on to recovering the other pillows that were on my bench and once again I used the nautical theme. The sailboat and anchor are both hand painted and then heat set so they will stay on once they are washed. My next sewing project for out there is to make new cushions for the chairs that we use when the weather is nice outside. Then hopefully the rainy weather will be passed and I'll be able to restain my top and both of the rocking chairs. My bench needs a good touch up as well with some paint so I'll need to get that done.
Have a good night everyone! I'll be back with more as soon as I can get them done.