Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just some tidbits that I've been making

Here are the things that I've been working on this weekend. Some heart ornies/bowl fillers and candy canes. I know, I it is the beginning of spring and I'm already making Christmas stuff....well a girl has to get started sometime and I needed a simple project to do so that I don't get burnt out on sewing. I love quick and simple projects and these were just right up my alley. I plan on making some different kinds of dolls this week and those of course take me much longer to make than these little guys.
So if I come up missing for a day or so then you'll know that I'm in my craft room just sewing up a storm. I'm not sure how much to charge for little ornies and bowl fillers. I didn't sell them, that I can remember at the local gift shop so I'm not quite sure as to what to charge. If there are any seasoned crafters/sellers out there that could help me out and give me a clue I sure would appreciate it. I by no means want to overcharge but on the other hand don't want to sell myself short either.
Well that's it for today......ya'll come on back soon...I'll be waiting for ya.

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