Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Treasures from the Max

Hey all....boy am I ever late posting today! But I just had to share these little gems with you that I found at TJMaxx last week on my marathon shopping trip with my mom. I gave $2.99 for the large plate and $1.99 for the smaller plates. I just love them and plan on hanging them on my wall in my bedroom once I collect enough with roses on them. or pretty pink flowers.
Then I also picked up and huge container of eggs at The Maxx as well. They were actually ones that you would hang on a tree but I had no use for that so I tucked them inside a old basket that I found thrifting. Silly me took a whole bunch of baskets to Goodwill when I got rid of a bunch of stuff about 3 months ago and here I go buying them back again. But on the positive side at least I'm getting some really old vintage looking ones so that I can reuse them to put ornies in once the craft fair rolls around. But for only .50 it's really not a big deal.
Hope that everyone had as beautiful day as we did here in East Tennessee. I noticed that my hosta are popping up today so that means that summer want be too long coming...I know I know we are just now getting into spring but summer is sooooo much fun here and I'm ready for it.
Come on back now, it's hard telling what I'll post next.....

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  1. Dear Robin,
    I took time to peruse your blog posts. You have done such a great job in restoring and creating!!! What a great talent you have.
    Thank you for your comment on my Utah Yard. I am so touched, especially with you living in Tennessee where everything is green. We are in Cincinnati for another 15 months of a three year assignment, so we appreciate the beauty of the appalachians.
    Our last name is Robbins, so like you we have had birds and nests as a theme, even before it was trendy.
    I'll check back again to see what you are up to.
    Have a Lovely Day~