Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet little roses

Look how sweet these little roses are... I found them at my favorite store today ... yeah you guessed it, TJMaxx and they were on clearance! Only $2.50. It is actually a little rose ball and it sits in a silver tray. I just knew that it was going home with me when I spotted it today. I went junkin' today too with my mom and found some goodies but haven't taken pictures yet. I'll do that tomorrow so I can share with you.
Well that's all for now but come on back soon....


  1. hi, my name's Starry, I just found your blog by chance, lucky me. I love your dolls the most of all your creations. You are so right when you say craft is the best therapy I have so much soothing good times with it listening to music, or sometimes just silence.
    I hope you enjoy many more years of creative joy, Starry

  2. Hi Robin!! Well, if I find an abandoned nest, first thing I do is place it in a plastic grocery bag and spray it liberally with bug really doesn't matter which kind, just spray it and then tie the bag up. I leave it on the porch for a few days and it's ready to come in and be displayed! It's worked so far....thanks so much for visiting me!! xxoo, Dawn

  3. Hi Robin!! Nancy again.
    I have the same weakness for pink roses that you do. LOVE these! Sure hope your back gets better soon.
    Laying in bed reading new craft and painting books is not as bad as just laying in bed hurting...but not NEAR as fun as getting up and enjoying doing them.
    You are doing a great job with your tole painting.
    Again later........