Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Winter Wonderland Christmas...(inside)

 I decided to only do one tree this year thinking that it would make things faster and much easier on me. I had forgotten the little fact that when I go changing things like this it actually takes me longer because I have to think things through more plus I made those previous decorations this year as well but I'm done now and am happy with everything. I knew I wanted to use the white Christmas tree that I had been using in the kitchen this year as well as my vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments in the pretty robins egg blue color and so since I started thinking that then the snowflake thing just kind of took off from there and our Winter Wonderland started coming together.
 I didn't use all of my snowmen this year...only a few ones that went along with the colors...or came close..
 In a fix for a table centerpiece? Fill a bowl full of ornaments...I'm sure you have all seen this many many times before.

Hope that you all are having a wonderful Christmas season thus far.....

Another easy Christmas decoration..

 If you all look back in prior years where I've shown my Christmas decorations you'll see a picture of these books but they were with gold ribbon. Well since I changed my colors for the living room this year then I simply changed out the ribbons for this as well and added some silver bells and snowflakes.
These were hardback books and I simply tore the hard covers off of them and wrapped the ribbon around and added some embellishments. Now how fast, simple easy and inexpensive is that? Happy Crafting and Decorating!

Winter Artwork...

Ok well this project wasn't exactly something that was just kind of happened. If you all remember back many months ago I decided to see if I could paint some "contemporary cheap artwork" for my newly redecorated living room. Needless to say the more I looked at those paintings the more I hated them! So I was going to take them down and hang some pictures that I had ran across that was tucked away in my stash but then I got to thinking...since I was going to more than likely toss these 3 canvas's anyway why not try to make something "wintery" out of them. I realized in a hurry that I'm NOT an artist but what was it gonna hurt to try? So Mr. Candy Creek helped me decide what kind of folk art tree to paint and got to it. Then of course since our "theme" this year is winter wonderland it just had to have some snowflakes and why not make them 3D ones? I have to admit...they look much better than they did before and will work just fine for us through Christmas.

Coffee Filter Wreath..

Here is something else that I picked up off of Pinterest this year. I saw it and just had to make one. It's another simple and cheap decoration to make however it is a bit time consuming but was fun to make. Here is the list of supplies that you'll need:
Straw or styrofoam wreath
2 packs of 160 coffee filters
hot glue gun
hot glue
1 piece of floral wire
First off use your long piece of floral wire and wrap it around the top of the wreath and make a little loop so that you'll have a way to hang your wreath once it's complete. Then I use several of the coffee filters to wrap around the entire straw wreath so that you couldn't see the base of it. Now for the time consuming part....take an fold each coffee filter in half then fold in a triangle 2 more times. Once that's done twist the pointy end of the coffee filter about 3/4 inch up then snip the end off leaving only just a little of the twisted end so that it want come untwisted. Take and open up the fluffy end of the coffee filter. It will kind of remind you of a rose once it's been fluffed up. When I started gluing them on the wreath I just worked in a circle being sure to fill in as tightly as I could. That's it...just a little time and patience. Have fun and Happy Crafting!

Snow covered candle holders...

Hi everyone. Here is a cheap and simple little decorating idea. I bought everything at Dollar Tree and just love the way that it turned out. I had gotten this idea from seeing a post on Pinterest where they used empty wine bottles.
 First I just simply sprayed the glass containers with spray glue. I found that it was easier to work in small sections at a time and a spray box is a must of course.

Then I simply rolled my vases in epsom salt. If you have a vase that has a lip on it or a decorative edge where you can't roll it evenly then just pour the epsom salt on your vase and pat down with your hand. Be sure that you have some wax paper laid down so that you can keep reusing the salt and so that the glue doesn't get on your counter. The only thing that I didn't figure out is how to keep the glue off of your hands. It took me longer to get my hands cleaned back up than it did to cover all of the vases. It took half a bottle of acetone nail polish remover to get it all off. It was all worth it though. Happy Crafting!