Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Journey Continues....

Welcome back......
I thought that these homesteads were interesting cause they were so close together. Of all the places that I've been like this, I've never seen houses so close together. I assume that they were all related and worked the land together. hmmm would this be the beginning of what we now refer to as a sub division?
Ohhh how I love Tennessee cause we are surrounded by wonderful moss covered creek everywhere. Now doesn't that look relaxing?
Look at that water...its crystal clear. Can you hear the soothing ripples of the water yet?
And last but by no means here I am with the love of my life. This trip marked our 8th anniversary and I feel so blessed to have him and look forward to sharing many many more anniversaries with him.
Thanks for coming along on the field trip. I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of the sites. Come on back soon cause you just never know what I'll be blogging about next.......

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