Thursday, March 5, 2009

Corkboards...a wonderful thing

Goodmorning everyone! I thought that I'd share with you a little something that I did yesterday. I'm trying to finish up some little projects that I've had going for awhile and then just set aside. Do you ever do that? Anyway, I had painted these cork boards once before but never was happy with them so yesterday I changed them. It was another one of my simple little projects that can be done in no time. I just took 2 cork boards that I gave $1 a piece for at Ben Franklin. Then painted them (I used barn red). Then I sealed it with some satin water based polyurethane, after that it was as simple as measuring the inside of my cork board, cutting the fabric that I bought at Wal-Mart for 25% off and using fabric glue to hold it in place. Waaaa Laaaa now I have somewhere to put my stamps that I'm always losing and reminders to myself to pay bills and such.
Here's what they look like at my computer desk. Ok now about getting my fabric at Wal-Mart 25% off. I've known for awhile now that they had planned on doing away with the fabric dept in all Wal-Marts but up until now all the Wal-Marts in our area were still getting shipments and I assumed that ours would stay. I mean after all this is the Appalachians and people here still actually make their own quilts and do a lot of crafting! But noooooo they are taking our fabric dept as well and it will all be gone and be replaced with party supplies. Party Supplies.......of all things! Pray tell what in the world do we need with a whole section of decorative paper napkins, plates and silly cone hats? They could have extended their scrapbooking section or even made available more crafting things to where they could compete with Hobby Lobby at least a little bit better. But Party Supplies? oh please! Ok sorry I just had to rant a bit but you better believe that Wal-Mart will get an email from this Appalachian crafter about how she's not happy about the new changes at all! If you agree with me please do the same.
Have a great day everyone and as always come back to see me soon.

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