Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A girl and her staple gun...

Hi all...well do I have my blogging days and nights messed up or what? I did get a few things done today though ... more than what I thought that I would. Other than general cleaning I refinished this little chair that I bought last week at the Salvation Army for $10. I already had the material that I had bought at a yard sale last summer for $2 for what was left of the bolt.
Ok for all of you out there looking at the before pics. Which are posted previously, and thinking, I can't do that. Well let me tell you ... you can! If you know how to use a pair of scissors, can hold a spray can and can operate a staple gun then you can do this. Oh yeah you have to have a screwdriver and needle nose pliers handy. All that I did was take a zillion staples out of the backs of both cushions, ripped off the old padding. Then laid the wood boards that you'll find underneath the padding on my new cushion and use a sharpie to make your circle. Then take your material and make a much larger circle then start stapling your material on. Just a note to help you get things lined up straight. Start at the top and staple, then go directly to the bottom and pull your material tight and staple. Then do one side then the direct opposite side the same way pulling your material tight each time. Then in between those staples pull your fabric up start going diagonal using the same method. You'll find that it's much easier than trying to keep everything lined up doing it any other way. Then after it was all stapled on you just simply screw the bottom and back to the stool and waaaaa laaaa your done!
I spray painted my stool before I recovered it and put back on of course. And if your wondering what the needle nose pliers were for...well that's to get the loose staples out of the back and bottom that want easily pry loose with just a flat head screw driver.
Now that you know how to do all on out to your local thrift store or catch a yard sale and find you something to reupholster. It's a lot of fun and so rewarding once you see the final project completed.
This will go in my bedroom that I'm working on shabby chic-ing. It will go with my antique vanity.
Hope that everyone had a wonderful day and didn't have to wear waders like I did today......rain rain go away!
Hope to see ya soon


  1. Thank you Starry. Hope that your having a great night/day. Can't remember which it is with your time frame. lol