Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nautical Lamp

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you today a nautical lamp that I made for my sons room several years ago. He loves to fish and hunt so nothing ordinary would work in there and I never could find anything that I really liked. So off to yard sales I went with my list of things that I was looking for and low and behold I found a lamp. It was originally black but I just loved the shape and I only gave $1! It seems like that's my lucky number when I'm out junkin'. I brought it home and couldn't wait to get started cause I already had in mind what I was going to do. I went to my crafting supplies and grabbed some sisal rope that I had bought at the Dollar Store in hopes that I would find a lamp. I also grabbed my glue gun and away to my craft room I went. I began at the bottom and just glued and wrapped the rope as tightly as I could around the lamp all the way up and stopped just short of where you turn it on at. Then I took another short piece of rope and made a little loop to look like something nautical...I wouldn't know what you would call that. But after I did that I just simply painted it blue so it would stand out. (I had that on hand but don't remember the exact color) Then onto the shade. I had bought a stencil at Wal-Mart way before I had the lamp idea in hopes that I would use it sometime and found it in the clearance isle for less than a dollar. I just simply stenciled with different colors all the fish and seaweed, then I took some more of the rope and looped it around the top of the shade and attached it with hot glue as well. It was as simple as that and I've thought many times about doing something different for him by replacing the lamp and he just want hear of it. So mom did well! If he's happy then I'm extremely happy. If you can't find the sisal rope then you could always use the nylon rope that you can find in the hunting and fishing dept at Wal-Mart. I'm sure that it would work just as well, but the last time I was at the Dollar Store I saw the same rope so it should be pretty easy to find. Now lets see, let me add up how much I have in the entire makeover......adding adding adding. Well it looks like it's come to a grand total of LESS than $4! You can't beat that now can ya?
Have a great night and hope you enjoyed this simple little project. Come back soon for more ideas.

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