Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Three bean chili! So Yummy!....

Is it getting chilly out where you are? Well it is here in Tennessee and over the weekend it really felt like fall and was all rainy and yucky so what's a girl to do? I had been scanning over some other blogs and ran across a three bean chili but didn't quite have all of the ingredients in it that it called for sooooo I was like a mad scientist in the kitchen and came up with my own version of it. Here's the recipe in case you want to make it yourself.

2 cans diced tomatoes chili style
1 can of red kidney beans
1 can of black beans
1 can of chili beans in hot sauce
1 package of chili seasoning
1 teaspoon of cumin
salt and pepper
1 large yellow onion
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 can of chicken stock

sour cream
dried chives
crushed tortillas (I used these but I have to say that we didn't like them on it, it made them turn to a soggy chewy mess so I want make that mistake again)
grated montery jack cheese

In a large pot put all your beans and tomatoes, add the chili mix and cumin and salt and pepper. In a skillet put a bit of olive oil in the bottom just enough to coat it a little. Then chop your onions and peppers and saute them. Then after they are nice and sauteed add your chicken stock to release all the good stuff off the bottom of your skillet. Add this to your pot with the beans and tomatoes in them. Let cook over medium heat for about 45 minutes to an hour. I personally think the longer it cooks the better the ingredients blend together.
Once the chili is finished cooking serve up in a bowl and add your montery jack cheese, a dollop of sour cream, dried chives and the crushed tortillas (if you dare)

It's soooo yummy! My husband and son went back for 2nd and 3rds! So it's a hit in this house! Hmmm you never know what will be the outcome when I go to the kitchen to cook and take on the roll of a mad scientist! This was a success!
Hope that everyone has a wonderful day and come on back and see me soon.

Dollar Tree haul 9-29-10.....

Hey everyone here is part of my haul from Dollar Tree today. The other stuff was just things like shampoo, body sprays and such...nothing exciting. The above picture is the view of all of it but I had to do some close ups so you could see some of the things a little better.
Ok don't laugh, but I found some mini tiaras combs that I plan on cutting the backs off of and using in crafts some way or another. It will be a challenge but will be a fun one. The little pearl tipped bobby pins will for sure go in scrapbooks...I thought they were just darling.
EEEEEK! It's a mouse! I despise mice but I have some Halloween paper ordered to make a couple mini albums and I needed something three dimensional to put in them. I also found another pack that has a plastic rubbery bat in it but I forgot to take a picture of it.
Oh my word!!! I found the most beautiful snowflakes ever was today. They have the ones in the plastic packaging in an assorted of sizes but I liked this size cause I for sure plan on using them on layouts and in mini albums. Yes people I'm sorry I'm just hooked on making my own albums right now.
Hey Rudolph! I found these two heavily glittered reindeer with jingle bells around there necks and yep you guessed a mini album or on a page layout for sure!
Aren't these doves beautiful??? They are heavily glittered as well and I'm planning on making a wedding mini album and thought that these 2 doves would be pretty on the front cover somehow...what do you think? They are really vintage looking.
And last but certainly not least! I found these GORGEOUS coffee cups! The had the plates and bowls to match but I have to be careful cause I already have 3 sets of dishes and really don't need anymore but I just had to get the cups cause they go with my decor in the kitchen. Then the lidded glass jars in the center I'm going to use to store small things in in the craft room.
Well that's all for this shopping day! I'm exhausted but for some reason can not sleep.

I went junkin' today....

Hey everyone! Yes can you believe it? I got out and finally went junkin' today! That's the first time in almost a year that I've been. I shiver to think of all the wonderful things that I've missed, however I did find some really neat things today! I just love this one thrift store. It's so nice and ALWAYS has something that I feel like I can't live without .  Let me go over some of the things that I bought and what I plan on using them for. I'll start at the top and I hope that the picture is clear enough for you to see all these "treasures" that I found.
In the upper left hand corner there are three tarnished brass bugles. I plan on making a Christmas wreath and putting those on it. Now one of them however is quite short so I'm curious to see if I could use it on the front of a Christmas mini album. Not sure if it's possible or not but hey for .49 it's worth a shot right? I found a spool of some old string that I thought might come in handy for any craft project so I'll tuck that in my stash I thought.
In the upper right hand corner you can see three books. An encyclopedia, an olllld dictionary, and one that's labeled Family album. In the family album there are a ton of old poems and quotes that I thought would be perfect torn or cut out to use on layouts for my scrapbooking. I also plan on using the old aged dictionary and encylopedia for layouts. I found a brand new little birds nest and I'm sorry I have this thing for birds and bird nests. Not sure what I'll do with it yet but I couldn't leave it laying there. Then the other little thing in the white package is a tiny little hinge. I'm thinking of making some kind of "door" for a mini album. Not sure if it would work out but then again it's worth a shot. I only gave .29 for it. Each of the hardback books were only $1!
In the lower left hand corner, you can see a music book and an American Heritage book. Same idea run through my head with both of can rip them up and using them on layouts. I gave $1 for the hardback and $.50 for the music book. Then on top of the books you can see a pink belt and a black pair of suspenders. Ok, now try to visualize this in your head. The pink has a really pretty rhinestone buckle and the belt can be cut to any length and then you can always hem the end back up after you have the length you want. I was thinking about using it as a closure for a mini album! And then the suspenders....I looked and looked to see if I could figure out a way to make it work as a closure and I can't figure it out BUT since it's such a beautiful lacy looking pattern I can always cut it up and use it like ribbon on an album or layout. I only gave $1 each for them.
Ok lastly, in the lower right hand corner you can see some doillies and some confetti. I use dollies already in my albums so these had a different pattern on them so I just had to have them. I gave a whopping $.19 for them. Then the confetti I plan on using it in a shaker box for scrapbooking. I can't rememeber how much they were but I'm sure it wasn't much.
It felt so good to get out today and do some junkin' I had missed it so bad. Thank you Brenda for going with me. It was a spur of the moment thing and I loved it!
Ok ya'll stick around cause I have more to share with you!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

3rd page to Debbie's mini album.....

Ok I'm going to try to go ahead and get this third page on the blog tonight. Pray that I am able to keep my eyes open long enough to do it.
Here is the front cover with the same flap that I used on the first page. I used some Prima flowers, some punched butterflies and some bought sticker butterflies. I loooove me some butterflies for sure!
Here you can see that this is another tri-fold card/mini album in itself that tucks in the front pocket. Start keeping up with just how many pictures I was able to get into this page...I'll give you a grand total at the end.
The "Gangsta" sign is just a little inside joke that me and my sisters have. Don't read anything else into other than the fact that we looooove to be silly.
Here is the pull out large tag I like the way that I was able to get a punched pink border around that picture. I'll share something with you after I show you the rest of this page.
Ok this looks a bit different huh? well I decided to make a pull out "photo card" on the front of the flap this time. I used some Prima flowers and a K & Company fabric brad as my center as well as just a plain little pink paper clip to hold the pages together until they want to be opened.
Boom! There you have it! A place for 4 more pictures.
Then on the back of the flap is yet another picture as well as 2 more pictures on the very back page. Now lets many pictures did I manage to get into this page in total? 13 on this one. There is one picture that you can't see that's on the back of the tri fold mini that goes in the front pocket.
Now that I've shown you all the ones that I have made so far that means I'm going to have to get busy in the morning to start wrapping this project up.
Now what I was going to tell you. I probablyshould have just told you all in a separate post BUT it doesn't matter I don't suppose. I'm extremely new to making mini albums. Back when I started scrapbooking it was 11 yrs ago and I was doing nothing but 12 x 12 layouts and everything was flat! I wouldn't hardly ever put anything with any dimension in my albums. And so many things have changed since then. So many new tools, so many more options as far as supplies. And then the big craze of making mini albums. I personally am loving making those but have so far to go in making some gorgeous ones like I've seen some others make. I myself can already see where I'm growing just a bit as far as the mini albums go. I would make them and then not embellish them at all. So bare with me, stick around and watch me evolve into hopefully something inspiring for you all! Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you later!

2nd page of Debbie's mini album...

Hi all! I'm back! I'm a little behind today posting this and have already taken my sleeping medicine so I do hope that what I post will make sense.
Anyway, here is the second page of Debbie's mini album.
Just like I said last night, I used the My Minds Eye Laundry Line paper throughout the entire mini album.
This time I made over sized tags so that I could incorporate larger pictures on them. I have pictures on the front and the back.
I kept this page fairly simple. I used a K & Company chipboard flower and not sure who makes the butterflies.
Here is the insert for this page...this is nothing different than all the other Following the Paper Trail Z fold mini albums have been.
Here is the flap for this remember I didn't put the pockets at the top like I have in previous z fold mini's.
Here the page is folded out. And you can see the back page better now. I used a K & C large fabric brad for a decorative touch and a heart paper clip to hold all the pages together until someone want to look at them. You'll see what I'm talking about in the next picture.
See how it opens's another fold card that holds 4 pictures. So now lets see...let me see what the grand total of pictures are in this page. I was able to get 15 pictures in this one page! Amazing huh? I need to go back to the first page and count cause just on that one page I had 15 pictures!
Ok I'll wait til morning to post the other page cause I'm really needing to get some rest. Sweet dreams to you all and I'll see you back here soon!

A mini album for Debbie.... :)

Hi everyone....or should I say good morning. It's 4 a.m. here and I'm wide awake. I woke up with a burst of energy and for the life of me I can't go back to sleep. So I'm going to try to catch up on posting some things. This is a mini album that I made for my sweet dear friend that is also like a sister to me. When I went on my trip to Oklahoma to see Suzie (the other sis) , Debbie wasn't able to go so I thought, hmmm what better way for her to see everything that went on. Plus she can have something to laugh about from time to time as she looks at the album. So here goes..
The mini is yet another one of the Z fold album using the 6" x 9" envelopes. I love using these because you can get so many pictures in them and I needed a lot of room to hold alllll the pictures that were took. I used My Minds Eye Laundry Line paper and I just love it. It has glitter and shimmer all over it and is just wonderful to work with.
On the first flap pocket instead of using 2 tags like I have previously. I made a tri-fold card, again so I could take advantage of every space possible.
Oh how I just loved this page. Quite a while back I was watching a youtube video and saw this lady make this little photo wallet using just one sheet of 12"x 12" double sided paper and so when I had all these pictures before me that I wanted to put together, I remembered  the video and thought....peeeerfect! So I used a Making Memories metal arrow as my latch. I so wish that I could remember the name of the lady that I saw make this so that I could give her proper credit. I'm so sorry for being so forgetful. Ok so now you turn the little metal arrow and....
Waaaa Laaaa! You just keep opening each section and there you have all 15 photos on one 12"x 12" paper! Yes that wasn't a typo...I said 15! There are photos on the back of the pictures you see here as well. I have to admit though it does make your album a bit on the chunky side but that's ok....I'll worry about the binding later. I had planned on using my bind it all but may have to resort to lacing it up with some pretty ribbon...which will be pretty as well I think.....
Ok now that the little wallet is all folded back up you can see the large tag that pulls out. I used a Prima flower and some bling for my pull tab.
Ok now here we are at the flaps that I made with the pretty paper. This time I didn't make pockets at the top of the flaps like I normally do. Ok I'll tell you a little secret...I'm not real pleased with how this turned out. I think that when I got to this page it was time that I turn the lights out in the craft room and close the door behind me so that I could think straight again. Do any of you all ever have moments where you've scrapped for so long that your just brain dead and when you go back and look at something you've done you think to yourself...."what was I thinking????" Well that's the case here with me. I had bought myself a new Martha Stewart border punch and I was playing with it and this was the outcome. Please be gentle with the comments. However, if you have an idea of how to make the page look better please please leave me a comment and let me know.
And here is the last page....again go easy on me with the new punch....this side doesn't look as bad as the other side but I'm still not completely satisfied with it. The quotes throughout the album are from K & Company the Brenda Walton line.
Well that's all I have to share for this page. Like I said please feel free to leave me a comment if you have ANY suggestions at all on how I can make the flap on this page look better.
Ok so I went back and counted and in this mini alone there are 23 pictures!
I think that I'll get in the hot tub and soak for a bit to see if it will relax me so I can go back to sleep. I'm hoping that no one else is up at this time of the morning and that your all having sweet dreams!
I'll post the next page real soon. Hmmmm if I can't sleep it may turn out to be sooner than I think.
Night all and come back to see me soon.............

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Scrapbooking Haul....

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted anything on the blog but life has kind of been in the way of me blogging. Then on top of that I've been really sick. But while I've been trying to recuperate, I went to and found several treasured embellishments that I thought you would be interested to see. And of course as I've explained has WONDERFUL prices. It's like a scrapbook dollar store and I just love it. Anyway, here is what I bought. The above picture shows the pretty brads, ribbon, bling and metal embellishments.
Here you can see that I found several borders. The flowered border is 3 dimensional and the ribbon borders are soooo pretty. Then I had to get a sticker that said Oklahoma to go in my scrapbook for when I do the ones from my recent trip there to see Suzie from over at The Happy Shack. I also picked up some vellum quotes as well as a couple more stickers that I really liked.
At the top of this picture you can see that I found more flower borders in several colors. Then there are some chipboard stickers, rub ons, some more 3D flowers and some beautiful bird stickers.
Here you can see that I stumbled upon some cardstock stickers in different patterns and some with sayings. Then there are velvet stickers that has some bling on them, some more chipboard stickers and some vintage rub ons.
Then last, I also bought some more butterfly and dragonfly stickers, some chipboard pieces, acetate pieces, chipboard buttons and a stack of patterned paper that I just love.
I've never been disappointed with any of my purchases from and will continue to go back. As many of you all know embellishments is what makes a scrapbook but they can be quite expensive. I just really feel like you can't beat their prices.
I've been watching some scrapbook hauls through and have noticed that a lot of ladies are finding some great deals at Tuesday Morning. So I want to go check them out and see if my local store has any great deals.
Oh speaking of youtube. I have tried my best to make some more videos for you all but for some reason none of them are wanting to upload for me. I'll keep trying cause I know that I like to see things on video rather than still pictures, but for now this is the best that I can do. I will continue to try the videos though, just bear with me.
Hope you all log into and pick up some of the super deals like I did.
Have a WONDERFUL day everyone and I'll be back soon. I have a project that I was working on before I got sick and hopefully I can start posting some pictures of it. So you all come on back soon......

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Memory of my Grandfather...

I took this post off of my website that I built years ago and no longer maintain. I thought that since my mom was still sharing that link with family members, that I would go ahead and place this poem and picture of my grandfather on here so it will be easier for everyone to see. I think it's the most appropriate time in doing this too since his birthday was in Sept and had he still been living would be 101 this year. It's still so difficult for me to believe that he's no longer with us. I'll post the poem I wrote and had on my website as well as what I wrote on my website about him........let us never forget where we came from and who it was that helped to mold you into what kind of person you've become today.
Bring back the memories
From long ago
When dad was able
To get out and go
And bring back the stories
he used to share
of neighbors who called
and friends who cared
As time passes by
and his stories fade
no family to share with
the choices they have made
But he knows one day
his children will grow
and share his old stories
with their very own
His hair is now grey
and his back is quite weak
but people still listen
when this big man speaks
Cause he speaks with great strength
and intelligence too
Just do the opposite
and see who says "I told you"
Dad is still a strong fighter
with quite a sane mind
his wisdom and encouragement
help in hard times
Dad is the backbone
of our family of three
and he's done a good job
as we all can see
So bring back the memories
from long ago
in stories of family
and days of old
written by Robin Brown
September 1994
"I wrote this poem on the spur of the moment for my mom and her two sisters. We had a big birthday party for my papaw, and all his family was there. We had to rent a lodge hall cause the Hackler family is so huge. I didn't think that I'd be able to write this cause usually the only way that I can write poetry is if it just hits me or if I'm trying to express my feelings in some sort of manner.
However, I sat down and it just all of a sudden hit me and I couldn't write as fast as it was popping in my head. I know that it was the work of God that did that for me because in January or 1999 my Papaw passed away. I am so glad that I wrote this and that he got to hear it at his birthday party. It was read out loud to everyone there and I will never forget the huge grin on my Papaws face while it was being read. My Papaw and Granny were very special to me and when my papaw died, I lost my mentor. He taught me so many things about life and how to handle situations. I'm not sure if he ever even realized what a huge impact that he had on my life. But those lessons of life that he taught me...well they are embedded within me and yes....they are plenty of things that he would still be teaching me and plenty of times since his passing that he would of looked at me and shook his finger and said "I told you so"
I love you Papaw and I will see you and Granny again someday"