Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birds, nests, and houses!

Ok my passion must be for anything that has to do with birds. After all....I am a Robin. tee hee hee The above bird in the nest is sitting in a grapevine wreath nest that is decorated with some pretty floral. And the bird is painted with pretty purple roses. My friend Suzie made this one year for me. Go visit her over at this address http://www.ourhappyshack.blogspot.com/ I'm sure she would love for you to stop by and sit a spell.
This birdhouse I actually bought at a gift shop in the hospital when my husband was really bad sick. He laughed when I brought it in the room and said "is that really for me or for you?" at which I responded "wellllll it's for both of us" now it sits on the ledge of our bathtub.

This sweet little birdhouse I haven't had a chance to hang up yet and put a little birdie inside. My friend Brenda gave me this one and isn't it the most darling thing ever. It will go in my bedroom and maybe if I have time I'll get it hung tomm.
These birdhouses are in my living room. The green and burgundy ones I bought from a man who sells them locally along side the road. I've had them for years. And the other one was a gift from my mom years ago.
This birds nest I actually made. Well not the actual nest, I bought that off eBay and didn't realize just how large it was til I received it. But it works. I painted paper mache' eggs and spackled them with paint and added the moss and it sits on the top of my cabinets in my newly finished kitchen.
awwww what a sweet little birds nest and eggs these are. I actually found them at The Homestead Shoppe which is a local antique mall. I don't think that I have $5 in the eggs and the nest. It is in my hallway.
This birdhouse I bought from Home Interior a few years back and I have it sitting on my husbands computer desk in the living room.
And last but not least this birdhouse I bought at a yard sale for a little of nothing. I'm thinking I gave $1 for it but can't remember for sure now. But I have it sitting on an old trunk that I need to get around to refinishing, in the living room as well.
Hope that you enjoyed the birdhouse tour..............it's time for this bird to get in bed though so I'll see you all tomm.
Come on back for more........


  1. Robin, I had no idea you had so many birds, nests and houses.. they are sll so sweet.. Since YOU are Robin, it FITS !!!! Fly on over and say HI real soon !

  2. Hi,Robin!
    I LOVE your birdhouses!!
    I just read your nice comments on my blog.
    Thank you! I am new to the blog world and still learning how to blog. Wow!! I love birds & birdhouse too! They are every where in my house. Thank you for sharing!