Friday, March 6, 2009

Simple and easy dishtowel

Well I'm up and can not sleep so what is a girl to do but find a project to make. This is the simplest thing ever to do and it's just straight stitches. I bought the towels at Dollar General for $3 and they came 2 to a pack so really I only have $1.50 in this project in total. I used some leftover material from my kitchen curtains and simple sewed a strip across the bottom of one side of the towel then I used some trim that my sweet friend Brenda had given me and just straight stitched that on right about the strip of toile fabric.
Here's a close up so maybe you can get a better view of it. It didn't take me but about 30 minutes to make in total. So now that I still can't sleep and have that project done and have to be quiet not to wake up the whole house, what am I to do......hmmm maybe I'll clean the end of the house where noone is sleeping or do some more rearranging. Surely sleep will find me sometime tonight.
Hope all of you had sweet dreams and feel rested. If I don't get to sleep it will be lunch time before I ever come around.
Come on back soon cause it's hard to tell what I'll think of next to do.......

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  1. Love the black toile fabric. I have made a few dish towels just like this and they are fun, (and don't take tons of time). I didn't put fringe on them though. I like the added touch. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'll be back!