Friday, March 13, 2009

Buffet turned fishing cabinet

It's done! Actually I finished it up this past weekend but just now getting a chance to take the final picture to where I could show you all. I've been busy with other things. It was a larger job than what I thought that it was going to be and you can see below at the pictures of my progress.
First I had to take the entire top off of it cause the veneer was bubbling beyond repair. I just used a putty knife and hammer to get the job done but I'm sure that a chisel would have been more appropriate. Oh and as a special note.....wear gloves when you attempt this. I made the mistake and didn't and still am picking splinters out of my hands.
Next I sanded it really well to get off any leftover glue or wood slivers that wouldn't come off with the putty knife. That took longer than I thought that it would.
Next I used wood filler to fill in any gouges that I made during the "destruction" process. I had about a handful that was pretty bad. So don't worry if you happen to pull up more wood than you had planned on. Just fill it in afterwards and let it dry really well.
Then sand again really well. This is extremely important or it will show once you paint it. Then the final step was to paint it whatever color that you wish and then seal it really well if you plan on it sitting outside. My deck is covered so it want be in the direct weather but I still wanted it sealed well to protect it from blowing rain and snow. I did have to sand the top part of the upper drawer cause for some reason it didn't want to shut. I guess that the wood had swollen or something. I so wanted to put this piece in my house somewhere cause it had so much character but there simply just wasn't any room for it. It's quite a large piece. But on the guys just love it for their fishing tackle boxes and such, plus it cleans up my deck and keeps their things out of the weather, so it's alllll good.
Come on back and see me sometime......
p.s. those white knobs want be staying...I plan on getting some wooden knobs to replace them, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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