Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waterfront Nesting Party continued...

So here we go with part two......I wasn't in charge of food but did help put things in order for it. Like we used a grapevine wreath on the table to cradle a bowl as well as a birdhouse to carry out the theme. And yes that's me in the picture.
Then here I am presenting the diaper cake to my niece. You can also see the little candles that I made. I just took some mason jars and wrapped pretty pink and purple ribbon around them and one of my sister in laws suggested that he put ivy on the tables as well and I think that was an excellent idea and it just worked out perfectly. Thanks Rita....again. The diaper cake was alot of fun to make. It was the first time that I had tried that and I'm glad that I did now cause it turned out so well.
Here's another view of the diaper cake.
And last but certainly NOT least here's the outcome of that baby shower. I don't have any pictures of her as a baby for some reason but just love this picture. Isn't she a doll baby! We've nicknamed her Shuggie and it's so appropriate cause she is just so precious and is extremely smart as well.
I hope that you all have enjoyed the tour of the Nesting Party. I so wish that I could of located more close up pictures of things but they are MIA. If I run across more I'll be sure to post them.
Hope everyone is doing well and I'll see you soon.

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