Saturday, September 7, 2013

Believe in Magic mixed media canvas....

 Well remember me telling you all way back many months ago that I was falling in love doing mixed media? Well it hasn't changed. I still love getting my hands good and dirty in the paint and glue and anything else I decide to put on the canvas. This is the latest one that I did and I'm thinking of doing another one with Santa on it as well. When I start one of these, I can't stop until I'm completely happy with it so I try not to start one late at night because I actually tried to walk away from this one late one night and couldn't sleep and so I got back up and finished it before I was able to find the sandman.

These are so much fun. It's the only kind of painting that doesn't stress me out because I don't have to worry about staying between the lines or doing the correct brush strokes and so on and so forth. There is no real's all in the eyes of the creator to decide whether or not its right. I like not coloring within the lines so to speak.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Makeup bags....

 I'm back! So here are few more things that I've made since I pulled my sewing machine back out. It's been a while since I've sewn anything. So long in fact that I had a spool of thread that had actually dry rotted. It took me a while to figure out why the thread kept breaking on me and it really wasn't the operator of the machine.....that time. So anyway, The above picture is a little makeup bag that Suzie taught me how to make and I made about a dozen of those all in different fabrics of course.
 Then I didn't stop there. I made these as well. I believe that there are 7 in total of them. The flowers I made using more of the crocheted centers from my trip to Oklahoma to see Suzie this summer. But the big thing about these makeup bags for me was.......
 THE ZIPPERS! See for you seasoned pro's out there that have put tons of zippers in things. These happen to be my first and I was so proud of myself. I can remember my mom telling me that zippers were really hard to do and I would say they are in clothing which is what she would sew when I was little but these were easier than I thought they would be. I think that my husband was even impressed with me for putting them in and since he's the one that taught me how to sew on a machine that made me feel even better about it.
The purple zippers make me SMILE! I thought it would bring out the purple that was in the fabric a little bit more.
I have sewn some more things but it's do dark outside to take pictures of them right now so I'll have to get those pictures tomm. But I switched things up a tad before I started sewing again and I'll show you what I created in the next post.
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Boho/Shabby Chic bag

 Hi everyone! I pulled my sewing machine out last month, blew off the dust and got to stitching. Here are a few things that I made. The boho bag above was fun and is meant to hang across your body for added comfort which is why the strap is so long.

 Here is a little Shabby Chic bag that I made. I bought the crochet doily while I was visiting Suzie in Oklahoma.
 And this little bag I was thinking would be good for a little girl. I made the flowers that I put on the front of this one as well as the Boho bag.
Of course while my sewing machine was already out I did make some more things that I will be posting for you to see.
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