Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New baby gift

Hi all! I made this little tooth fairy pillow and NOT aged and primitive raggedy for a close friend of mine when she had her new baby girl. I did this back about 6 months ago and truly enjoyed it. Just thinking about some little girl waking up to find money where their tooth was the night before tickles me. I hand stitched the lettering on the little pillow which took awhile but was so worth it. Then think about this same little girl sitting around her pint sized table having a tea party with this little raggedy. Ohhh it just makes my heart feel so good to share my crafts with people but I get an extra thrill out of giving things that I've made to kids. Maybe it's because it's really unusual that I make something that a kid will play with. So Erin....I hope that you all have many years of fun out of the gifts.
Come on back soon.....I'm sure I'll find something to show you.

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