Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just another hobby of mine

Well here is another one of my hobbies. I love to make dolls and have made so many that I've totally lost count. I used to sell on ebay and in a local gift shop so my dolls are all over but I have to say after making as many as I have I really became burnt out on sewing. That's until today........
I went to visit one of my dear friends Brenda today and as she gave me a tour of her home, it totally inspired me to get my sewing machine and material back out and start creating again. I didn't realize just how much I had missed making the dolls until I saw her beautiful cozy home. (Thanks again for having me Brenda, I had a blast) So as soon as I get the buffet project completed, I'm heading back to the craft room and start bringing some more dolls to life. Ohhhhh the joy of creating them is something that I had totally forgotten about until today. The entire process of watching them come together and take on a personality all of their own..... Ok I know that I probably sound like I'm losing my mind but it truly is joy to get to stuff them, paint them and then finally get to dress them and add accessories to them. I just love it.

I also really enjoy giving my creations away and do so a lot. Its fun to see the expression that people have when they open one of them. I know this also sounds crazy but I almost feel like I'm giving a small piece of myself as a gift. Ok that's enough......I totally need therapy now don't I? Anyway, I just wanted to share one more piece of endless hobbies with you. Hope you enjoy!
Have a blessed day! and come back to see me real soon.

Today's finds were FREE!

Ok these things may not look like much now but I know that I can find something to do with them. They are so pretty and cleaned up so nicely. I think that I'll put them in my bedroom since I'm doing it a romantic shabby chic.
Now with this you really have to have a great vision. It's an extremely pretty antique buffet but I thought at first that it would go in my kitchen but it want fit nor will it fit anywhere else in my house. So I'm thinking that I'll paint it up, distress it then stain it and seal it really really well and put it on my deck for my son and husband to put there fishing stuff in so things aren't just thrown haphazardly on the deck. You will learn that I have to have things organized or it drives me nuts.
So anyway, I'm thinking of painting it black. What do you think? I'm also thinking about painting something really pretty in the center of it like maybe a sailboat, or anchor or some pretty roses and distress that as well.
Over at Willow Rose she has a buffet that is kind of similar with roses painted on it and that's my inspiration now. So even though my husband thinks that I should just get rid of the piece cause it is so large and want fit in the house.......I'm still thinking positive about this and know that I can turn it into something that he loves and will want to keep. Of course, if he remains persistant that he doesn't want it after I restore it and make it all pretty again then I suppose that I'll have to sell it. It's just a grand piece though..............I'm just praying that he will see the beauty in it once it's done. But as of right now........he's adamant that it needs to leave. Keep your fingers crossed that I can pull this one off.
Hope that you have a wonderful day!
Come on back and see me soon.......I'll be here

Friday, February 27, 2009

Box makeover

This is what the boxes looked like before. They are beautiful boxes but they don't match anything in the guest/craft room so I wanted to change them.
Have you ever started a project and had a great idea in your head then go to do it and it doesn't turn out exactly as planned? Well this is one of those projects for me. And I'm not done with them yet. I have 5 of them to do and have only completed 2 and part of another. I'm not completely satisfied with the way that they turned out but maybe someone out there will see the beauty in them.
Here's how you get started. You will need a cardboard sturdy box. (mine came from the dollar store) then some paint, I used barn red, course sandpaper, textured wallpaper with pretty designs, stain (I used colonial maple) and some french words printed out on the computer and ran through a xyron machine to turn them into a sticker.
Here are my french words that I printed out. I used a language converter from English to French that I found while googling.
First step: Paint box white (first coat) Second: cut out decorative design from textured, paintable wallpaper and glue to box Third: give box a second coat of paint and let dry good (this is really important) Forth: Add french lettering. Fifth: use your sandpaper on the edges of the box to shabby it up some and if there are handles like is on mine then be sure to sand a lot of the paint off of those as well for that distressed shabby look.
Sixth: Paint the textured wallpaper with barn red paint. Seventh: use the colonial maple stain and rub all over the box and lid and let dry thoroughly.
Eighth: Fill with crafting supplies, bathroom toiletries, makeup ect and ENJOY!
NOTE: Although this project didn't turn out exactly the way that I had planned it to sometimes it's good to just go ahead and follow through with projects cause you learn as you go. And sometimes things work out better than planned. You just never know until you experiment with things. So go ahead try something new. It may or may not work out but you never know til you give it a shot.
Have a wonderful day and come back soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some of my handcrafted jewerly

Some of my jewelry......
and some bracelets
I've been making jewelry for about 3 years. I wish that I had taken formal classes cause I would know the proper way to make it but I learned everything that I know from the Internet and following along with instructions that I'd found. I've gotten better with it but could still need some classes. Tomorrow, I'm going over to one of my old high school friends house to teach her everything that I know and was gathering up the things that I was going to take and thought that I'd share these pictures with you. It should be a fun packed day. We are also going to try and learn how to tole paint. Neither of us can but have always wanted to so who knows maybe we can teach ourselves along with one of the Donna Dewberry kits. We haven't had any luck finding anyone in this area that gives lessons, unfortunately.
So now off I go to gather up my supplies.....I will see you all tomorrow and remember......keep coming back often

More dishes

Well finally these dishes got here after waiting for almost 3 weeks on them! I won them on ebay and was starting to think that they weren't going to arrive. Ok so I know what your thinking....what in the world to I need with yet another set of dishes but, I really only wanted the dinner plates. Everything else just came along with it and I found that it was cheaper for me to get all of these rather than buying them piece by piece. Matter of fact it was waaaaaay cheaper especially with the free shipping. I'm planning on using these in my newly redecorated kitchen to hang on the wall along with another mirror. They are really beautiful plates by Johnson Bros. I was going to get rid of the rest of these dishes once I got them but after looking, I just can't bear the thoughts of it. They are all so pretty and the little paisley finger bowls are so precious. I just hope that my cabinets will hold them all. I'm starting to have a real problem with dishes for some reason and if you would see just how little cabinet space I have then you'd see that it isn't such a good thing. So anyway, just thought that I'd share with you what the postlady brought yesterday.
Hope that everyone is having a wonderful day! Come on back soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Journal all those ideas!

Years ago my dear friend Suzie taught me to journal all of my ideas. I was so bad (still am) about keeping a ton of magazines cause they had things in them that gave me ideas. Well now I have a filing system for them (*note to self, go through and weed out through them) so anyway, now I write down my ideas in a journal and rip pages from magazines, put them in plastic sleeves and then in a binder. This way when I go to make something or am looking for inspiration, I just refer to the binders and journals. I makes things alot easier and way more organized. So while your sitting around watching tv, start going through those magazines and rip out the pages that inspire you or give you ideas. Make sure to make notes on them if you see something where you think you can change things or do something a little different than what you see in the picture. Chances are that thought want run through your head again in a month or so. At least it wouldn't in mine. And go check out Suzie's blog here (sorry I still don't know how to connect the link to one word) Suzie has a ton of wonderful things to look at and is so talented. So run on over there and check her out.
Have a great day ya'll and come back soon
UPDATE: Oops's the link for Suzie's blog not the one above.

Safe keeping for gardening tools

I woke up early this morning for some reason and had spring on my mind. So I thought that I'd share with you something that I made (along with the help of my husband) and we put in our backyard. I had run across some old fireplace tools and just loved the twists and frill to them and knew that I had to do something with them. I had also picked up an old mailbox at a yard sale years ago and knew that I was going to paint it up real pretty and use it to hold my gardening tools, so this is what I did. I had my husband make me a base out of a 4x4 and then I used the pretty fireplace tool as a support for the base of the mailbox. I then added a little birdhouse that my son had made and give to me. Now it keeps all my gardening tools out of the weather and nice and handy while I'm out digging in the dirt. I might add that the mailbox needs a good cleaning this spring. When I took the picture this morning I noticed that there is mold growing on it. But some may think that adds to the charm. Oh well, that will be something to put on my to do list for when spring does roll around. Do you think that it's ever going to get here? brrrrr

Come on back soon for more......... Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old Trunk made new

Here's an old trunk that my husband brought me home several years ago. I was in way worse shape that what it looks like in the pictures cause I had already started cleaning it up and painting kiltz on the inside lid of it. I couldn't believe it but saw it's charm. It was worth the 2 months that I spend on it cause I didn't want to paint it I just wanted to restore it to it previous glory and this was the outcome. It sits in our living room now storing my scrapbooks......nope not quilts but scrapbooks. We love it now.
More soon......

A simple little purse

Hi everyone. I thought that I would go ahead and post something about the placemat purses that I make. These are the simplest things to make ever was. just a few straight stitches, a little fabric glue and your done. I wish that I had pictures to show you the step by steps but sorry I don't. I made this back when I was just starting to take pictures of my projects. ***UPDATE 11-4-11*** It was brought to my attention that the link that was originally here for another cute placemat idea is no longer available so I have removed it. It was showing a pillow that was made from a placemat...3 simple stitches and some stuffing...sorry I don't have a picture of it but that's just another idea that you could let your imagination run wild with.

The Rocker and a Footstool

Well here's the next project that I worked on right after the desk. I had to have somewhere for my husband to sit while he was playing on his computer. So I used some of my leftover fabric that I had used in the laundry room, some black paint and 4 solid hours of sanding both pieces. This was the outcome....
Now I'm loving it and so does my husband. He says that it sits alot better since I fixed the cushions and made the little hanging pillow for the back for support and comfyness (is that even a word?)
Come on back for more.....I have plenty to show you so just come on in and sit a spell.

The Desk

This desk was heading to the burn pile. One of my sister in laws called and asked if I wanted a small desk and when she described it to me I said YES! My sweet hubby was in desperate need of a desk for his laptop and I was ready for a project. So it worked out perfectly. I simply sanded off the varnish finish, then took some extra Anaglypta (paintable wallpaper) that I had on hand and cut some designs out of it and glued that where the drawer pulls are and some other places to give it more of a charming and detailed look then a fresh coat of paint on it as well as the handles and it's a wrap. He just loved is and thanks me for doing it for him all the time. awwww I redid his rocker to go with it as well....that blog will be coming up soon.

Laundry room completed

Oh I was so excited to have this project finished. I worked on it for 2 weeks. I have to take it slooooooow cause I've had back and neck surgeries. So finishing any large project is a real feat for me. I made my curtains for the door as well as over the washer and dryer and look....there's that little shelf that I brought home and brought some life back to it. I found the darling little lamp on eBay and added the ribbon to the shade to give it some frill. The pendulum clock came from eBay as well for alittle nothing. I had a picture of an inspiration room and would add that link for you but I don't know how to do that yet so I'm sorry. It was from a fellow blogger that I follow and she even had the formula for the beautiful robins egg blue wall color that I've just fallen in love with. I've since just painted my kitchen walls the same color and am really pleased with it. I'd just like to say.....Tracey from Notes of a Cottage Industry, if you ever happen to stumble upon this blog I'd just like to thank you sooooo much for the inspiration to do this room.
Come back for more later.......

Shelf Makeover

This is another one of my wonderful finds from the same day that I found the little time out bench. As you can see it was pretty plain and boring when I first got it but with a little TLC and paint I made it something darling. I used a smaller wood applique and applied it in the same manner as I did the little bench, then painted it black and distressed it in the same manner as before. I had to do some extra sanding at the very top to get rid of the odd point that was totally off center. I have plans to put this little baby in my laundry room that I was getting ready to work on. It's all complete now and I can show you pictures of it next.
I sure hope that I'm not boring you silly with all my projects. I really don't have anything else to blog about except for my projects, sure hope that you like that sort of thing.
Come back soon for more.......

Who's Button and Joshie??

Time out never looked so good to me....when I spotted this little bench at a yard sale at the end of summer I had big plans for it and hadn't even gotten it in my car yet. Now I don't know who Button and Joshie were but I couldn't help but to wonder if they spent many of hours sitting on this very bench or if they were really good kids and it was just to intimidate them into not getting in trouble. Either way....time out meant TIME IN for me and that means another project coming up. So I headed to my local Lowe's as soon as I was done junkin' that day and picked up a wood applique that was on clearance for $9 and a tube of wood glue. I added the applique, painted it black, sanded off the edges and was finished. It was that simple and since I only gave $3 for the bench that brings my total to $12 plus some glue and I have plenty leftover for other projects. I use it now to sit some of my handmade dolls on and they look perfect on it.
Come back soon for more projects......

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm amazed at TJMaxx

Well I was just in shock when a friend of mine and myself went to TJMaxx a couple of weeks ago and found these plates. I had been looking at the same ones on eBay and they were selling for anywhere from $9.99-$14.99 per plate! They sold them at Marshall's and I can only imagine what they sold for there. Well the thriftiness in me came out and I only had to pay $4.99 for them! I'm loving it. I was looking everywhere for some transferware but it was always soooo expensive and I just couldn't afford it. So you can imagine my surprise when my friend spotted them first knowing that it was what I had been looking for. I couldn't wait to get them in the buggy and get them home. So now I have 2 new sets of dishes and love them both. Thank you TJMaxx, you have a fan in me for sure.
More soon, come on back now you hear.

TJMaxx Find!

I saw these plates on a blog back in October and just had to have them. They match my kitchen walls to a tee and let me tell ya they are so much fun to eat out of. My husband and son love them as well and they are so go figure. I love shopping at Target. You can find higher end items at a fraction of the cost and I love everything that I've ever purchased from there. I just found another set of dishes last week from there as well and will post those next. So see even if you are on a tight budget doesn't mean that you can't have high end long as there's a TJMaxx around.
Come back soon!

A little late for Christmas but.......

I'm very much aware of the fact that Christmas has come and gone but I wanted to share with you what I have made for my Christmas tree next year.
I always put a Christmas tree in my kitchen and this year I bought a new one.....a big white one. See I've been planning out my wall color for the kitchen for months on end and knew that I would want to complement it once Christmas rolled around next year. So I make these little birds nest and I will tuck them in between the branches and I found those birds that were the perfect colors on etsy this year. I also painted and glittered birdhouses but they are stored in the attic and I can't get to them now to take a picture and show you. These little nest were so fun to make and each time I see the picture of them it gets me excited for Christmas next year.
Come on back soon folks.....see ya soon

Don't worry...there's always paint...

I was at a dilemma when I was redoing my kitchen. I had taken everything out of it and had it in boxes to give away. When I realized that I no longer would have anywhere for me and my family to write notes to one another on cause the rooster would be gone. Well I couldn't have that, so I took that rooster out of the give away pile, grabbed a can of white paint and a little sandpaper. I spray painted it then roughed up the edges to give it that worn shabby look. I love it now and it goes perfectly in the kitchen. Now my hubby can leave all the "I love you" messages that he wants to and I'll get to see them all each morning.
I'm learning....the more post that I do the more that I understand how things work. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I bet that you were expecting to see a mirror huh? Well it used to be years ago. Now it's my cork board for the guest room/craft room. I had a huge one in there but it was so ugly and boring. So I had this idea. I took and tore apart the old cork board, grabbed an old mirror frame that my mother gave to me years ago and that same table runner that I mentioned in the earlier post. I just simply took and cut out the oval in the cork board then used my fabric glue to adhere the table runner to that and snapped it (glued it) to the inside of the mirror frame. Oh and I added a little tassel to the top as well to give it a little frill. Not sure if you can see that or not. But now I have not only a pretty piece in the room but a very functional one as well.
Come on back never know what I'll be posting and blogging about next. Have a good night!

Use what you have on hand

Ok so just like I said......use what you have on hand and this is the perfect example of it. My guest bedroom/craft room was in need of a little make-over so yesterday I started on doing some things to it. Now like I told you earlier....I can't work outside the home so I have to be really thrifty with my decorating and crafting projects. So with that said, I'll explain what I did. I had chair cushions and slip covers on the back but they were in baby blue and quite simply didn't match anything in the room. So I wanted to change it so that it would match. I have to keep two chairs in the room so that I'll have somewhere to sit and work on things and don't have any other place in the house to put them. So I just happen to find where I had saved the leftover material from the tablecloth that I made my curtain for that room out of .... yes folks my curtain for in there is made from a tablecloth....and not only that but it also was a yard sale find along with the matching table runner. They both were brand new when I bought them with the tags still on them and I only gave a few dollars for both of them! So anyway, I took the left over material from that tablecloth and covered my cushion and made a pocket, so I can keep supplies handy, on the back of the little slip cover. Now the pocket was made out of one end of the table runner. I just simply folded over the triangle part at the end and run a stitch along it to keep it flat then sewed up the three sides. Now I have everything matching and looking pretty. You wouldn't believe how handy those pockets are when you don't have alot of storage space.
Have a great day! Come back soon ya'll

HI and Welcome!

Hi and Welcome! I'm totally new to blogging so please bear with me as I get things underway and get used to how everything works. But I look forward to being able to share some of my interest with new people. Let me introduce myself first off.....
My name is Robin and I live in a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in East Tennessee and on the lake. I've been married for almost 9 years to a wonderful man and couldn't be any happier. We have a 15 year old son who is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I cherish him. I started crafting back in the 80's but not until about 6 years ago was I able to focus full time on them. I can no longer work outside the home unfortunately but on a positive note, I can work on my crafts and projects at my leisure rather than just on weekends like I had to before. I miss working something terrible but have learned that you have to take what life gives you and make the most of it. So that's where my crafts come in to play. They fill the emptiness that I felt from having an outside job and are the best therapy ever! Which leads me to what all that I do as far as my "projects" go. I love all kinds of crafts anything that is creative, I'm there. I love to refinish old furniture (trash to treasure kind of things), sew, go to yard sales (junkin' as I call it), visit thrift stores, decorate (and redecorate) my home, work outside in my flower garden that I lovingly refer to as grubbing, although I can't do that as much anymore as I'd like too. I also love to scrapbook and make jewelry. So this blog will be all about the things that I love and hold dear.
Like I said before, please bear with me as I start this new project of blogging and keep coming back, as I will be adding new projects and pictures of projects often. But for now, I'll leave you with my view from my dock. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.