Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Such a sweet surprise gift

I wanted to share with you the sweetest little gift that I was given last Thursday from one of my dear and precious friends. She made the candle tarts herself and had given me some before but I wouldn't burn them cause I wanted to save them to just pick up and smell and think of all the good times that we have together. She's my thrifting buddy and we share so much in common so it's always a blast when I'm with her. Then on the right hand side is a book light. This will come in perfect for those nights that I want to read but not wake the hubby up. Then in the very center of the box is a magnet that says Friendship. I just love it. Then last but by no means least is two little tiarras and two oversized diamond ring napkin holders. Brenda and I had seen these at Hobby Lobby some time back and wanted them so bad but I never got around to getting back down there to get them. Well she did! I'm sitting them in my shabby chic bedroom and put a couple of them on taper candlesticks and let me tell you they are precious. So if you like them then make a run to your local Hobby Lobby and look in the wedding section and you'll find them.
Thank you sooooo much Brenda for the wonderful gift and the heartfelt card. They will all be cherished.
I thank God for my lifelong friends cause they are such a blessing to me. Just hate that I've lost touch with some of them. It was a wonderful thing when Brenda and I got back in touch with one another and found out that we both loved doing the exact same things. So my advice for the day is stay in touch with your friends and those that you've lost touch with, find some way of finding them again. I bet that you want ever regret that you had.
Hope that everyone has a blessed day and is getting to enjoy some sunshine like I am. More to come soon so come on back in later.

Mothers Day gift.....

Hey everyone! I thought that I'd share with you what I made for my mom and mom-in-law for Mothers Day this year. They were just plain clay pots that I base coated and then painted some flowers on and then instead of planting the hydrangeas in the pots I just sat them down in it cause I knew that they would want to plant them in their yards then they can use the pot for some other plant. Like an annual or something. I really wanted to do more to them and waited til the last minute to paint these but it would have looked nice to have tied a nice wide bow around the hydrangea pot but I didn't have any one hand and it was to late to run out and get any.
Then here is my mom. She was really pleased with the gift and looked forward to get it planted. If you remember I also painted and framed a picture for her but got so excited that I gave it to her early.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I know that I did and it's always a joy to get to spend time with my mom as I'm sure it is the same way with you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little paper mache box turns up roses......

Hi all! Long time no see. Sorry about that, seems that my big computer has decided to catch a virus and has crashed on me so I'm trying to use what little resources I have on the laptop so I can share with you some things. And here's the first thing that I want to show you.
I was just craving for something to paint and found this little recipe box in my craft room as I was roaming through the house looking for anything that didn't move that I could through some cute little flowers on. So here's what it looked like before.
then I put a white base coat on it and then used the scruffy brush and some off white paint to help give it a worn and old look and add a bit more dimension to it.
I then added some little roses and rose buds on the top and decided to use the end of my paint brush and add polka dots on the bottom. Sorry for the poor quality of the I said I'm having to use limited resources right now. I'm not sure what I will actually use that box for, although it's a recipe box it could be used for many other things as well. I even though about using it as a birthday box. Maybe I could put all my friends and families birthdays on a card and a few gift ideas and put them in the months of the year.....just a thought.
Hope that you are all having a wonderful day. I have my waders on here cause it's rained for days on end it seems. But on the positive side of all of that, we need the rain to wash away some of the pollen that's been so bad this year. So see there's always a positive to everything. See ya soon