Sunday, July 21, 2013


Well......the above picture may be just a little misleading. Ok ok yes a lot misleading because no one is getting a car and Oprah isn't hosting this giveaway BUT in the crafting community there is a lady on youtube from the UK that is our Oprah. Her name is Fiona and on youtube she is better known as jennings644. She is having a giveaway and everyone can enter. She is getting close to having 20,000 subscribers and has said that this giveaway was going to be the biggest one yet! I'm going to repeat again...she's NOT giving a car away like the above picture shows that was just to get your attention as well as showing some humor but I can assure that if Fiona says its big then it's going to be big. If your a crafter like myself and love learning new things. Then please go to Fiona's youtube channel and subscribe. She had thousands of videos to watch and learn from. She does all kinds of crafting. You name it and she does it or has done it and is so willing to teach everyone else. She also has an etsy shop and that to can be found under jennings644 on etsy. To make things even easier for you I'm going to provide you with the direct links for everything so it's just a matter of letting your fingers do the clicking. Here is here youtube channel link and here is her etsy shop where she sells beautiful handmade crafts as well as things that she gathers while she's out junkin' in the UK. Please note that her shop will be closed starting this coming Friday July 26th until August the 4th because she will be on vacation but will reopen once she returns.
So start letting your fingers do the walking and jump on over to Fiona's youtube channel as well as her etsy shop and see what all of the fuss is about.
Have a great day everyone!