Friday, March 20, 2009

I've been junkin' again

Good morning everyone! I went junkin' yesterday with my mom and found this darling little vanity chair. I needed one really bad cause the bench that I have now has seen better days and well to tell you the truth this was just so cute that I just couldn't pass it up. It was only $10 too and it's really heavy and sturdy. So out with the bench and in with the chair. But ohhhh wait! You surely didn't think that I was just going to leave it this way did ya? Well you would be right, cause it's getting a makeover. It's off white right now but that want last for long. It will be painted white and I'll reupholster it as well. That should be a fairly quick little job for me but not sure that I'll get to it today or not. Who knows I all depends on how my back feels and if the weather is pretty enough to get out and spray it white. I have to admit. I had fun yesterday junkin' but today I'm paying for it dearly. Oh why oh why do I do this to myself I ask? To answer that question.....well I guess I just can't resist a good chance to find some kind of project to work on. It's an overwhelming nesting instinct I suppose and I think that I have an addiction to there a 12 step program for that I wonder?
I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. The sun is popping out here and I so hope that it turns out to be pretty cause I'm soooo ready for spring.
Now, ya'll come back now........


  1. oh what a great find, I am certain you will have great satisfaction in making it over to suit your taste. Will you show us the finished chair?
    Enjoy all,

  2. Oh yes I will for sure post pictures of the finished project. You know how I love to share.