Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waterfront Nesting Party....Part 1

Hi and welcome to the Nesting Party. I gave my niece a baby shower and since I was using so many of my birdhouse and the theme of birds we just turned into and called it a Nesting party. I mean really, how more fitting and appropriate is that? So anyway, it was located at my sisters across the lake from me on the waters edge. We had it nestled amongst some of the prettiest trees that make a big circle in the middle and is just beautiful there. I made pretty much everything for it. Like the sign for the entrance and the basket of flowers you can see in the picture....hmmm I wonder what happened to that basket of flowers? It would look great in my new shabby chic bedroom. Oh well on to the next picture.
This is the sign in area to register for the door prize and pick up sweet greeting from mom and the baby. I made the feathers basket as well and did the greetings for all the guest.
Then as you go through and enter the canopy of trees you will be greeted to find the clothesline hanging full of baby clothes an antique bassinet and a huge moses basket that was used to put all the gifts in. Then if you really close in the far left hand corner you will see one of the wreaths that I made to give as a prize. Theeeen in the background you can see just how close to the waters edge that we were. It was the perfect location. Thank you Rita for supplying the venue for it.
I thought that this was a sweet way to present a gift. My other niece did this for her sister and it was just too cute.
Ok more pics in the next blog....this was just part one so stick around so you can see it.

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  1. Oh my gracious! That all looks so sweet! I looove the "clothesline" in the tree with the baby clothes! And all those baskets! Okay, and that setting by the water...how perfect!