Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today's artwork....

Hi everyone and Happy St. Patricks Day! I sure hope that I'm not boring you to terribly bad with my painting progress. I painted the above picture today and just for fun framed it to see what it would look like. I'm kind of liking it and think that I'll give it to my mom for Mothers Day. Shhhh don't tell. Actually I'll probably give it to her early. I know that I'm no where near perfect at this yet but I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it. I had painted a bench years ago for my mom and "tried" to paint some flowers on it and every time that I see it, I'm kind of embarrassed but she loves it so I guess it's just one of those things that only a mother can love. hahaha I have to say this is much better than the bench though.
I'm still on the mend but look forward to getting back to my other crafts. My poor craft room looks like a bomb went off in it but it will just have to wait til I can get well enough to straighten it up and fire my sewing machine back up. It's been really pretty here today and I would have loved to have been working outside on something. I noticed that my daffodils are blooming really pretty. I'm so glad that spring is here....well almost here anyway.
Well that's all that I have for you right now. Hope that everyone is having a great day and as always......come back soon!

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  1. Robin you never surprize me with anything you attempt to do in your craft room I always know it will turn out beautiful I have full confidence in your work, you are so talented Love Mama 3/24/09