Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dont throw away those old jeans.....

Hey all! I thought I'd share with you a purse that I made in 07 for my friend Suzie. It was made out of a pair of little girls jeans. I found them on clearance at Wal-Mart but there is no reason why you couldn't use old jeans as well. I've done that and it works just as good. I just happened across these and loved them.
You can decorate them any way that you would like to...with rhinestones, buttons, beads ect. And I like to add a cute little belt as well but you could also use a bandana or if you really wanted to get fun with it you could stick a feather boa through the loops. The possibilities are endless.
I like to line my purses and add some pockets so things can stay a bit more organized and since pink of Suzie's "signature color" I of course had to do hers in pink. I bought my handles at Hobby Lobby and the belt came from the clearance isle of Wal-Mart as well.
Basically all that you do is cut the jeans legs off. Then turn inside out and sew a straight stitch all the way across the bottom. Next, make a box pleat on either "hip" this way it will sit for you better. Then make yourself a lining by measuring the inside of the jeans and allow for seams. After that decide what size pockets you want and cut and sew those in. Then sew all three sides of your lining up and make the same box pleat that you did earlier. Once you get this done then I always take and iron my top rough edge down so it will make a nice crisp hem at the top and I add a piece of really stiff cardboard in the bottom of the purse BEFORE I add the lining. Putting a bit of glue down first really helps too. Then make some small strips that will act as your handle supports. Go ahead and sew those on with you handles. Then sew your lining in. Sometimes you may have to do some of this by hand. It just all depends. One thing to keep in mind...make sure that you have denim needles in your machine cause your going to need them. I made the mistake (ok several mistakes) by not using the denim needles cause I thought that I could get away with it. That wasn't the case at all. Then I decorated it once I had the lining in.
It's all ready for it's first shopping trip now.....
If you've ever done any kind of sewing you can do this. It's really not that hard. I mean after all I did it and if I can then I'm sure that you can as well.
So there you have it....a solution to NOT throwing away your favorite pair of jeans....
Come on back soon ya'll!

The Journey Continues....

Welcome back......
I thought that these homesteads were interesting cause they were so close together. Of all the places that I've been like this, I've never seen houses so close together. I assume that they were all related and worked the land together. hmmm would this be the beginning of what we now refer to as a sub division?
Ohhh how I love Tennessee cause we are surrounded by wonderful moss covered creek everywhere. Now doesn't that look relaxing?
Look at that water...its crystal clear. Can you hear the soothing ripples of the water yet?
And last but by no means here I am with the love of my life. This trip marked our 8th anniversary and I feel so blessed to have him and look forward to sharing many many more anniversaries with him.
Thanks for coming along on the field trip. I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of the sites. Come on back soon cause you just never know what I'll be blogging about next.......

A trip to Gatlingburg, Tennessee

Hi everyone! Have you missed me? Well I've missed all of you....I thought that since I'm still not up to par that I'd let you take a field trip with me to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This trip was taken back last October on my anniversary so theirs lots of pictures of the family. So I'll introduce them to you although my son is quite shy when it comes to getting his picture took. So anyway, sit back and enjoy the first part of the tour.
Here I am with the cabin that we stayed in for our honeymoon in the background. Cabins are plentiful in Both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge which makes it extra nice and cozy.
I'm so thankful that there are still so many wonderful places that are preserved in Tennessee. Here's just one of many examples of an old homestead that we went to while visiting.
Say hello to the better half. He's just right at home in the outdoors and visiting places like this.
Here I am inside one of the homesteads. It was kind of chilly that day but I couldn't seem to warm up next to the fire. hmmm
And here we are....the only picture that I could get of my son while we were site seeing. He's headed up to the old barn.
Notice all the rock everywhere? I wondered how the wagons and all could get around all of that and my husband explained to me that erosion has worn away a lot of the soil exposing the rocks.
Ok so come back and see part 2.....the Journey continues

Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Tip

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you think to yourself. "I'll never get all of this done". Well stop right there. I have a solution that could very well help you. Try this..........
Grab a journal, notebook, binder or whatever you have on hand and then make 3 pages. Label one of those "THINGS THAT HAVE TO GET DONE" then the next one "THINGS THAT NEED TO GET DONE" then the last one "THINGS I WANT TO GET DONE" using those 3 list then divide all the lists of things that are going on in your head that is just totally overwhelming you and put them in the book. The main thing though.....be honest with yourself. Just like for example, getting a load of mulch wouldn't be more important than fixing a leaky pipe or a garage door. Those would be things that HAVE to be done and getting the mulch would fall under one of the other two categories just according to what else is on your list. You'll find the more honest with yourself that you are the easier it will be to place them in the right category.
So now grab that pen and paper. Put on your thinking cap and get all that stress off of you that your feeling, by categorizing the overwhelmed feeling you've been having. And when your done......go take a nice long bubble bath to totally clear you head and you'll be refreshed and know where your starting point is just by looking at your journal. Congratulations! You did it!
Come on back soon cause you never know what the next subject will be.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A girl and her staple gun...

Hi all...well do I have my blogging days and nights messed up or what? I did get a few things done today though ... more than what I thought that I would. Other than general cleaning I refinished this little chair that I bought last week at the Salvation Army for $10. I already had the material that I had bought at a yard sale last summer for $2 for what was left of the bolt.
Ok for all of you out there looking at the before pics. Which are posted previously, and thinking, I can't do that. Well let me tell you ... you can! If you know how to use a pair of scissors, can hold a spray can and can operate a staple gun then you can do this. Oh yeah you have to have a screwdriver and needle nose pliers handy. All that I did was take a zillion staples out of the backs of both cushions, ripped off the old padding. Then laid the wood boards that you'll find underneath the padding on my new cushion and use a sharpie to make your circle. Then take your material and make a much larger circle then start stapling your material on. Just a note to help you get things lined up straight. Start at the top and staple, then go directly to the bottom and pull your material tight and staple. Then do one side then the direct opposite side the same way pulling your material tight each time. Then in between those staples pull your fabric up start going diagonal using the same method. You'll find that it's much easier than trying to keep everything lined up doing it any other way. Then after it was all stapled on you just simply screw the bottom and back to the stool and waaaaa laaaa your done!
I spray painted my stool before I recovered it and put back on of course. And if your wondering what the needle nose pliers were for...well that's to get the loose staples out of the back and bottom that want easily pry loose with just a flat head screw driver.
Now that you know how to do all this.....run on out to your local thrift store or catch a yard sale and find you something to reupholster. It's a lot of fun and so rewarding once you see the final project completed.
This will go in my bedroom that I'm working on shabby chic-ing. It will go with my antique vanity.
Hope that everyone had a wonderful day and didn't have to wear waders like I did today......rain rain go away!
Hope to see ya soon

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waterfront Nesting Party continued...

So here we go with part two......I wasn't in charge of food but did help put things in order for it. Like we used a grapevine wreath on the table to cradle a bowl as well as a birdhouse to carry out the theme. And yes that's me in the picture.
Then here I am presenting the diaper cake to my niece. You can also see the little candles that I made. I just took some mason jars and wrapped pretty pink and purple ribbon around them and one of my sister in laws suggested that he put ivy on the tables as well and I think that was an excellent idea and it just worked out perfectly. Thanks Rita....again. The diaper cake was alot of fun to make. It was the first time that I had tried that and I'm glad that I did now cause it turned out so well.
Here's another view of the diaper cake.
And last but certainly NOT least here's the outcome of that baby shower. I don't have any pictures of her as a baby for some reason but just love this picture. Isn't she a doll baby! We've nicknamed her Shuggie and it's so appropriate cause she is just so precious and is extremely smart as well.
I hope that you all have enjoyed the tour of the Nesting Party. I so wish that I could of located more close up pictures of things but they are MIA. If I run across more I'll be sure to post them.
Hope everyone is doing well and I'll see you soon.

Waterfront Nesting Party....Part 1

Hi and welcome to the Nesting Party. I gave my niece a baby shower and since I was using so many of my birdhouse and the theme of birds we just turned into and called it a Nesting party. I mean really, how more fitting and appropriate is that? So anyway, it was located at my sisters across the lake from me on the waters edge. We had it nestled amongst some of the prettiest trees that make a big circle in the middle and is just beautiful there. I made pretty much everything for it. Like the sign for the entrance and the basket of flowers you can see in the picture....hmmm I wonder what happened to that basket of flowers? It would look great in my new shabby chic bedroom. Oh well on to the next picture.
This is the sign in area to register for the door prize and pick up sweet greeting from mom and the baby. I made the feathers basket as well and did the greetings for all the guest.
Then as you go through and enter the canopy of trees you will be greeted to find the clothesline hanging full of baby clothes an antique bassinet and a huge moses basket that was used to put all the gifts in. Then if you really close in the far left hand corner you will see one of the wreaths that I made to give as a prize. Theeeen in the background you can see just how close to the waters edge that we were. It was the perfect location. Thank you Rita for supplying the venue for it.
I thought that this was a sweet way to present a gift. My other niece did this for her sister and it was just too cute.
Ok more pics in the next blog....this was just part one so stick around so you can see it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday Everyone!

I sure hope that everyone is having a wonderful Monday. My son is out of school this week for spring break and hopefully it will be pretty all week so that we can get some things done outside. He's been hard at work getting up left over leaves from this fall and let me tell you it's been a job for him. So on an extremely positive note I'm out of bed today and trying to get some things done. I hate it when I become bedfast from the back pain cause the list of things that I need to get done just keep piling up in my head and I get antsy. So today I decided that I would do one of those things that I thought about while I was resting. I pulled my paint back out and got started. I'm still learning so be kind with the comments please. I had this tub that I wanted to paint along with a couple of clay pots so I painted them. I'm so in the mood to plant some flowers and think that this will be so pretty with some impatients in them.
I'm trying to find my pictures of a baby shower that I gave for my niece 2 years ago to share with you but for some reason I just can't place the disc that I had them on. Once I find them I'll share that with you.
Hope its bright and sunny where you are.....have a wonderful day and I'll see you later.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Treasures from the Max

Hey all....boy am I ever late posting today! But I just had to share these little gems with you that I found at TJMaxx last week on my marathon shopping trip with my mom. I gave $2.99 for the large plate and $1.99 for the smaller plates. I just love them and plan on hanging them on my wall in my bedroom once I collect enough with roses on them. or pretty pink flowers.
Then I also picked up and huge container of eggs at The Maxx as well. They were actually ones that you would hang on a tree but I had no use for that so I tucked them inside a old basket that I found thrifting. Silly me took a whole bunch of baskets to Goodwill when I got rid of a bunch of stuff about 3 months ago and here I go buying them back again. But on the positive side at least I'm getting some really old vintage looking ones so that I can reuse them to put ornies in once the craft fair rolls around. But for only .50 it's really not a big deal.
Hope that everyone had as beautiful day as we did here in East Tennessee. I noticed that my hosta are popping up today so that means that summer want be too long coming...I know I know we are just now getting into spring but summer is sooooo much fun here and I'm ready for it.
Come on back now, it's hard telling what I'll post next.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look what I got today....

Look what I got today..... you all know if you've been reading my blog, that I'm really wanting to learn how to tole paint. Well the brushes that I had I've used for a variety of craft projects for years and to tell you the truth they just aren't the best in the world anymore. So I ordered me some. I found these on ebay for a song! I also picked up a one stroke book by Mrs. Dewberry as well and hopefully this will give me more pointers on what all I'm doing wrong and maybe I'll get the hang of this. I know that at some point I'm going to have to take some professionally taught classes but I really didn't want to walk into a room full of seasoned painters knowing little to nothing about what I was doing. So while I'm still on the mend I can lay, read and think about tole painting. Hopefully, this will soon to be one of my crafting dreams come true.
Talk to you all soon and hope that your having a wonderful Saturday.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I've been junkin' again

Good morning everyone! I went junkin' yesterday with my mom and found this darling little vanity chair. I needed one really bad cause the bench that I have now has seen better days and well to tell you the truth this was just so cute that I just couldn't pass it up. It was only $10 too and it's really heavy and sturdy. So out with the bench and in with the chair. But ohhhh wait! You surely didn't think that I was just going to leave it this way did ya? Well you would be right, cause it's getting a makeover. It's off white right now but that want last for long. It will be painted white and I'll reupholster it as well. That should be a fairly quick little job for me but not sure that I'll get to it today or not. Who knows I might.....it all depends on how my back feels and if the weather is pretty enough to get out and spray it white. I have to admit. I had fun yesterday junkin' but today I'm paying for it dearly. Oh why oh why do I do this to myself I ask? To answer that question.....well I guess I just can't resist a good chance to find some kind of project to work on. It's an overwhelming nesting instinct I suppose and I think that I have an addiction to it.......is there a 12 step program for that I wonder?
I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. The sun is popping out here and I so hope that it turns out to be pretty cause I'm soooo ready for spring.
Now, ya'll come back now........

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet little roses

Look how sweet these little roses are... I found them at my favorite store today ... yeah you guessed it, TJMaxx and they were on clearance! Only $2.50. It is actually a little rose ball and it sits in a silver tray. I just knew that it was going home with me when I spotted it today. I went junkin' today too with my mom and found some goodies but haven't taken pictures yet. I'll do that tomorrow so I can share with you.
Well that's all for now but come on back soon....

Maison Douce Giveaway.....

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you a giveaway that is just absolutely awesome! Don't know if you all have been checking out some of my favorite blogs in my side bar or not but there's one named Maison Douce and she has really inspired me which is why I've included her in my favorites and read her blog faithfully. So go check it out and sign up for the giveaway. Here's the link in case you can't find it in the sidebar. http://isabellang.blogspot.com/2009/03/life-in-nutshell-and-triple-100th-post.html
Hope that everyone is having a wonderful day and come on back soon....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New baby gift

Hi all! I made this little tooth fairy pillow and NOT aged and primitive raggedy for a close friend of mine when she had her new baby girl. I did this back about 6 months ago and truly enjoyed it. Just thinking about some little girl waking up to find money where their tooth was the night before tickles me. I hand stitched the lettering on the little pillow which took awhile but was so worth it. Then think about this same little girl sitting around her pint sized table having a tea party with this little raggedy. Ohhh it just makes my heart feel so good to share my crafts with people but I get an extra thrill out of giving things that I've made to kids. Maybe it's because it's really unusual that I make something that a kid will play with. So Erin....I hope that you all have many years of fun out of the gifts.
Come on back soon.....I'm sure I'll find something to show you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today's artwork....

Hi everyone and Happy St. Patricks Day! I sure hope that I'm not boring you to terribly bad with my painting progress. I painted the above picture today and just for fun framed it to see what it would look like. I'm kind of liking it and think that I'll give it to my mom for Mothers Day. Shhhh don't tell. Actually I'll probably give it to her early. I know that I'm no where near perfect at this yet but I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it. I had painted a bench years ago for my mom and "tried" to paint some flowers on it and every time that I see it, I'm kind of embarrassed but she loves it so I guess it's just one of those things that only a mother can love. hahaha I have to say this is much better than the bench though.
I'm still on the mend but look forward to getting back to my other crafts. My poor craft room looks like a bomb went off in it but it will just have to wait til I can get well enough to straighten it up and fire my sewing machine back up. It's been really pretty here today and I would have loved to have been working outside on something. I noticed that my daffodils are blooming really pretty. I'm so glad that spring is here....well almost here anyway.
Well that's all that I have for you right now. Hope that everyone is having a great day and as always......come back soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Trying something new......

Ok so have you been wondering what I've been up to today? Well since I'm still down in my back and not getting out of bed much, I've been laying and pondering tole painting. I've been wanting to learn how to do this for many many years and had bought some things to practice with several years ago but didn't really fool with it much after I bought the one kit. Well a friend of mine is really wanting to learn as well so what better time than now to pull out my kit and start practicing and trying my best to learn this wonderful craft. Now for you seasoned tole painters, please don't laugh and critic me to bad cause this is my very first attempt at painting anything other than practicing the flowers. I know that it isn't perfect but I did the best I could and to be such a rookie it's not to bad is it? The top picture is my first attempt.
Then this second picture is my second. My friend Suzie over at Happy Shack http://www.ourhappyshack.blogspot.com/ is one of those seasoned tole painters and I was sending her a package in the mail when my husband suggested that I should paint on the box so she could see how I was doing. She knows that I've wanted to do this for the longest time and tried to show me how this past summer but we didn't have much time to practice cause we had the lake to play on. After all she's a lakebrat just like myself and we love love love the water and all that goes with it. So this is what I've been up to today when I haven't been laying down resting my back. So what do you think.....am I getting the hang of it or should I do awhole lot more practicing before I post any painting again? hahaha
Ok off I go, the heating pad is calling my name but you all come on back soon........

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just some tidbits that I've been making

Here are the things that I've been working on this weekend. Some heart ornies/bowl fillers and candy canes. I know, I know....here it is the beginning of spring and I'm already making Christmas stuff....well a girl has to get started sometime and I needed a simple project to do so that I don't get burnt out on sewing. I love quick and simple projects and these were just right up my alley. I plan on making some different kinds of dolls this week and those of course take me much longer to make than these little guys.
So if I come up missing for a day or so then you'll know that I'm in my craft room just sewing up a storm. I'm not sure how much to charge for little ornies and bowl fillers. I didn't sell them, that I can remember at the local gift shop so I'm not quite sure as to what to charge. If there are any seasoned crafters/sellers out there that could help me out and give me a clue I sure would appreciate it. I by no means want to overcharge but on the other hand don't want to sell myself short either.
Well that's it for today......ya'll come on back soon...I'll be waiting for ya.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Three little dolls

Hope that everyone is having a good day today. I'm a bit under the weather but still trying to push myself to get some things done. Here are 3 little dolls that are all ready to find new homes soon. I have also been working on some little easy sewing projects to keep busy and things that I'll also have for sale. I'm really debating on whether or not to open a etsy shop. The thing is though I'm not sure that I could keep up with making stuff for etsy as well as making things for the fall craft shows. I have to start really early cause I never know how long my back will hold out. Ohhhh what it would be like to have a nice strong back again without it being full of rods and screws and a nice sturdy neck that didn't have a metal plate in it....now those were the days.
Sunday or Monday, I'll show you some more of my weekend creations but for now, since it's raining, I'm just going to crawl into bed and rest a bit. Hopefully I'll wake up refreshed and feeling better.
Ya'll come back and see me.....ya here?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Buffet turned fishing cabinet

It's done! Actually I finished it up this past weekend but just now getting a chance to take the final picture to where I could show you all. I've been busy with other things. It was a larger job than what I thought that it was going to be and you can see below at the pictures of my progress.
First I had to take the entire top off of it cause the veneer was bubbling beyond repair. I just used a putty knife and hammer to get the job done but I'm sure that a chisel would have been more appropriate. Oh and as a special note.....wear gloves when you attempt this. I made the mistake and didn't and still am picking splinters out of my hands.
Next I sanded it really well to get off any leftover glue or wood slivers that wouldn't come off with the putty knife. That took longer than I thought that it would.
Next I used wood filler to fill in any gouges that I made during the "destruction" process. I had about a handful that was pretty bad. So don't worry if you happen to pull up more wood than you had planned on. Just fill it in afterwards and let it dry really well.
Then sand again really well. This is extremely important or it will show once you paint it. Then the final step was to paint it whatever color that you wish and then seal it really well if you plan on it sitting outside. My deck is covered so it want be in the direct weather but I still wanted it sealed well to protect it from blowing rain and snow. I did have to sand the top part of the upper drawer cause for some reason it didn't want to shut. I guess that the wood had swollen or something. I so wanted to put this piece in my house somewhere cause it had so much character but there simply just wasn't any room for it. It's quite a large piece. But on the positive.....my guys just love it for their fishing tackle boxes and such, plus it cleans up my deck and keeps their things out of the weather, so it's alllll good.
Come on back and see me sometime......
p.s. those white knobs want be staying...I plan on getting some wooden knobs to replace them, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coal Bucket Baby

Hi I thought that I'd share with you a pattern that I made several years ago. I've named her Coal Bucket Annie. This is the second doll pattern that I ever made and I think that she's so sweet. I had them hanging off the side of an old coal bucket .... hence the name I chose for them. I believe that if you double click on the pictures below you can just save them and then print them off.
If you do decide to make them, just please give me credit for the pattern and I'd love to see yours so let me know if you've made one and I'd just love to see the pictures. She's a really basic and simple doll to make. If you have any questions just let me know and I'll be more than glad to help you.
Well it's back to work for me. Hope that everyone is having a great day! Ya'll come on back soon......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boxes and Birdcage

Goodmorning everyone! Well I went junkin' yesterday and didn't do to well but I did run across a wonderful find at Hobby Lobby. These boxes were on clearance 80% off so I got the smaller one for $3.99 and the larger one for $4.99. Can't beat that! I just love a good bargain. Now what am I going to do with them you ask? Well you know I've been trying to reorganize and rearrange things in my guest/craft room right? Well I'm taking out my old black filing system and using these boxes for those things instead. I do realize that it will be a bit more aggravating finding what I need BUT just look at them........yeah it will be worth it cause they are just too cute.
Then remember I told you that I hadn't gotten around to hanging this birdcage. Well I did after I added some moss and a cute little bird. I saw a birdcage decorated just like this at TJMaxx a couple of weeks ago and it was $24! My friend Brenda had this birdcage and gave it to me and so today I bought all the things that I needed to recreate what I saw at TJMaxx. I have it hanging in my bedroom and just love it. If you look really close you'll see the little bird peeking though the upper cage.
Hope that everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. It was gorgeous here and really has me excited about spring. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the nice weather keeps up. Glad that you dropped by to see me and come on back soon.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who says you can't make a project with fishing stuff?

Hey all! This is be just a quick little post since I'm not feeling well at all. I did this project along with the big buffet (that I haven't posted yet) over the weekend and have worked myself into a frazzle....literally. Anyway, I needed something to go above the buffet and looked around the house and couldn't find anything except boxes and boxes of fishing lures that trip over all the time. Sooooo the idea hit me! I went to the craft room and found this old barn wood frame that I had on hand and some mat board and then went to my supplies and found some fishing net. Then I went and asked my husband and son if they would be willing to give me some of their old lures.
My son lure hunts in the lake bottom so I knew that he would have some but didn't know if my husband would give up anything or not. I told them that I wanted one of every kind that they catch different kind of fish on and they went along with it. They were so eager to help me out. I think that the only lure that we couldn't find was for fly fishing. (I should of just had them make me one since they make most of their fly fishing stuff). They've about gotten out of that and so we couldn't find one to put in the frame. I just simple attached the netting to the mat board then the mat board to the frame and used E-6000 glue to attach the lures. Then added some jute to hang it with. I also had found a fish that I had saved from a birthday cake and glued that to the frame. Then I had the old shutters and just simply spray painted them black then gave them a good sanding to age them. Simple simple simple. So if you have a fisherman in your home and want to really make him happy (and have a place where you would be willing to hang it) then ask him for some old lures and glue away.
Enjoy! Come back and see me sometime..........

The Sheltering Tree Book

Hi and goodmorning! Yes it's extremely early for me to be posting a blog but as often times....I can't sleep. So I just find projects that I can work on quietly while everyone else is snoozing. I'm so excited about doing a craft fair this year for the first time. I thought that I would go ahead and get started on some things in between working on my larger projects and keeping the household running smoothly. Ladies you know what I'm talking about.....keeping things clean, washed up and doing projects, that's alot of work. But I totally love it and wouldn't change it for anything. Anyway, here's what I made tonight while trying to get sleepy. I used to sell these painted books in the little gift store here locally and couldn't get them painted fast enough cause they sold so well. So I'm hoping that the same thing will happen this year as well. You will be seeing alot of little projects that I'll be doing along the way cause once I start making things for the fair then that will consume all my time and will be all that I'll have to blog about. So I hope that you enjoy looking at primitive crafts.
Well I'm off to try and get a little bit of sleep. My head is filled with so many ideas right now about things that I want to make, that I hope that it will slow down long enough for me to rest.
Glad that you stopped by and come back soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where the doll making began....

Goodmorning everyone! I thought that I would share with you today my very first primitive craft that I ever made. This is a pattern that I made myself. I was watching Crafters Coast to Coast one day on HGTV and saw a doll similar to this one and thought that it was the cutest thing ever. So as soon as the show was over I headed to the craft room and began making a pattern while it was still fresh on my mind. This was the outcome. The show called her a big sissy doll and so that's what I've gone on to call her as well. She is different than my other dolls because she's kind of floppy. What I mean by that is where she has the larger arms and big head she just kind of flops around. Which makes her even more adorable. I've had several people who have seen her wanting to buy her but I just can't part with her and for some reason haven't made anymore. Hmm maybe when the craft fair rolls around I'll have some made up so others can enjoy one as well.
Then after I had fallen in love with making the primitive crafts I started buying some patterns and found this cute little guy. Unlike the big sissy doll, I've made several of these and they sold really well on eBay and but especially in the gift shop and I've also sold them straight out to people who've seen them. I just love making primitive crafts now and look forward to being in some craft fairs this fall, which will be something totally new for me. If any of you out there have done the fairs before and have any words of wisdom that you would be willing to share with me, please do so cause I'm a total rookie at this new endeavor.
Hope that everyone has a wonderful day and come on back and see me soon.