Thursday, October 13, 2016

Housewarming Shower

I'm so happy to say that my son has purchased his first home. So of course I had to throw him a housewarming shower! I needed to make sure that I kept it "manly" so I went with a "Moving" theme. The little Thank you gifts were the first thing that I made for the shower. I had seen these on Pinterest and just ran with it. Of course I found the little candles at Dollar Tree and made the little shipping tags myself. I covered a box that I had on hand with plain brown kraft paper and added a sign and added some washi tape for decoration to the sign on the box.
I apologize that these pictures want be in any certain order as to when I made these things and during the please just bare with me as I explain what all that I did for the party.

 These are the invitations that I came up with. I used kraft cardstock for the invites as well as the envelopes. What I did forget to take a picture of was the envelopes in the way that I addressed them. They were so cute. I did a chalkboard font in my lettering each one. I believe that the stamps that I used for the invites are from inkadinkadoo and are a couple of different sets. Then I simply used some bakers twine from the dollar spot at Michael's for decoration.
I wanted to make sure that I made a guest book for my son so that he could remember who all came and on the inside cover where everyone was signing in I wrote a request that each person not only sign their name but to also give some homeowners advice to him. For example, "be sure to change your air filter the first of each month and check the batteries in your smoke detectors". To make the guest book I simply altered a $1 composition book from Dollar Tree and added kraft paper for the front and back covers. Then using my die cutting machine to cut out the lettering. I then added some little squares to make "boxes" and I put dimensional foam on the back for dimension along with some bakers twine. I also added some washi tape and then simply added a pen attached with more bakers twine to keep the pen with the book.
 This is how I did the display for the food. Going along with the moving theme I added some kraft paper shred as a base. Then I added some paint brushes in between each platter. I also used some of the dollar spot chalkboard signs from Michael's and labeled the food. In the far back of the food platters you can see where I have the peanuts stored. Those little containers I did make but forgot to take a close up picture of them. I bought Dollar Tree glass candle sticks along with 3 glass lidded jars from Dollar Tree as well and glued them on top using E-6000 glue then spray painted the lids black and found some little clear plastic tongs at Dollar Tree as well in the party section. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that I had found some chalkboard labels in the dollar spot as well at Michael's and added those to the fronts of each elevated jar.
 This is the burlap sign that I made for his front entry welcoming everyone into his party.
 I had a couple of these tables set up for him. Yet I forgot to take a picture of the one for his gifts. I made another burlap sign that hung on it. The one in the picture above is how I had set up the welcoming table and placed the thank you gifts for everyone to grab on their way in or out the door.
 These are the little thank you cards that I made for him to send out to everyone who came or brought gifts. (sorry about the picture turned wrong, I couldn't get it turned around the correct way) I followed thru with the kraft paper "moving" theme on these as well.
 This is how I decorated his fireplace in his eat in kitchen. These were so simple to make using kraft paper and I really love the way that they turned out. By the way, the candle holder that you see in the fireplace is something that I added for him as well for a little decoration. I found the candle holder at a thrift store for $2 and spray painted it. Then the candles came from Dollar Tree.
Last picture for you....I had almost forgotten to show that I did make another burlap banner to hang for the food.
 I'm so happy for my son in the purchase of his new home. It's such a pretty house and I hope that he has many years of happiness in it.
 Thank you all for stopping by and hopefully I'll be able to post and share more with you real soon! Have a wonderful blessed day everyone!

Happy Fall Everyone!

 Happy Fall everyone!! I'm so sorry that I have been so neglectful in posting on my blog. I've had lots of life changes and health issues but seem to be getting things back on track and in order. It isn't that I haven't been crafting, I just haven't had the time to share with you and on top of that I was having serious computer issues. I am hoping to have those issues resolved now and can share with you past projects that I did take pictures of along the way. So back to what I'm sharing with you fall decorations for outside my apartment door.

 Starting with my wreath. I already had the grapevine wreath and like to fix it so that I can change it out whenever I get tired of it. The florals were purchased at Dollar Tree. By the way, if you haven't looked at their fall stuff lately you should go check them out. Its such an inexpensive way to create beautiful things. I already had the burlap ribbon as well. I couldn't find my wreath hanger so instead I simply took a regular wire hanger, bent it and then covered it with a burlap "sock" that I quickly sewed up. Waaa Laa! By the way, I have straightened my wreath back up. I didn't notice that it was hanging crooked on my door til after I took the picture.
Next is my stacked pumpkins. I waited until Michael's was having a really good deal on their fall stuff. Which by the way is still going on if you would like to run on over and snag some really good deals. They were 60% off plus I had gotten another coupon for an additional 20% off....can't beat that right? I did buy two strands of their fall garland as well to go along with some of the florals that I picked up at Dollar Tree. I used a wooden dowel to stack my pumpkins on and grabbed a ceramic planter from Lowes (on clearance) to put them in. Also, you can't see them but I bought some of the floral foam from Dollar Tree to put in the bottom of the planter to stabilize the pumpkins. I'm thinking that once fall is over and when we head into winter that I can convert this stack into a snowman! Which is why I selected the white pumpkins. Plus I really like the look of the white.
Oh and by the way, the door mat that you see.....I found that on clearance in the "as is" section for $4 at Tuesday Morning. The reason that it was "as is" is because one little corner had a slit in it where they opened the box it was in and sliced thru it. You can't even tell that it's damaged and for $4......Jackpot! The entire ensemble is done on a shoestring budget and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I've found so many really good deals in the clearance section of Tuesday Morning and shopping at Dollar Tree and ONLY buying on either clearance or sales at Michael's. I had seen some similar stacked pumpkin displays in various stores and they wanted at least $100 for them. Well I can assure you that I wouldn't nor couldn't pay that amount. So needless to say, I'm extremely pleased with not only the outcome or how it all looks together but the budget friendly amount that I spent on it.
 I hope that everyone is having a wonderful fall so far and that you find some inspiration here so that you can make your world a little brighter and chipper for the season. Please pray for those who are flooded from Hurricane Matthew. Thank you all for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you very soon! Maybe even today!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Handmade journal with fold over closure tutorial

 Hi everyone! I made this journal on a whim and sort of forgot that I was going to do a full tutorial with it but I believe that I took enough pictures that you will be able to follow along rather easy. What I don't have pictures of, I will do my very best to explain in detail what to do. But this is a super simple little journal if you would like to make one for yourself. Also if you have ever covered chipboard or have been following me for a while and saw in my previous picture tutorials then you will have no problem whatsoever to make one. As you can see, I left the front cover plain and that was intentional. It's hard to write in something if you can't lay it flat.
 Your supplies are as follows (1) piece of regular weight chipboard cut at 5 3/8" x 8 1/2" this will be your front cover. (1) piece of regular weight chipboard cut at 8 1/2" x 3/4" this is your spine. (1) piece of light weight chipboard, something similar to a cereal box and by all means feel free to recycle one, 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" this is your back cover that will wrap around and make your front closure.
 I did some close ups for easy reference.
 PLEASE NOTE: I didn't get a picture of this but it's important that you do this at this stage. After you have cut your back cover. Put your chipboard in your trimmer and with a VERY worn out OLD blade start scoring the chipboard so that it doesn't cut all the way thru but more or less just scores it enough so that it will eventually give you a nice bend. Starting at 5 3/8" (score) every 1/8" until you reach the 6 1/8" mark. Remember be sure to lightly score making sure not to go all the way thru. You may even be able to do this using your scoreboard if you press hard enough. But I've done this method before on other projects and know that they work and hold up especially after you put your decorative card stock to cover your journal.
 In this journal I made 7 signatures. However, it may work better with only 6 or maybe I just hand sewed my signatures in to tight. I'm ok with my pages not being perfect but if I make another one I think that I'll only put in 6. Each signature is 7 pieces of plain computer paper folded in half. Once they are all folded and put together in signatures even up the edges so that they will be even in your trimmer.
 This is a step that I wish that I had skipped for this particular project because I actually wanted my spine to look worn and rugged looking. So if you are looking for the shabby look skip this step. If not, continue on reading. I used a piece of 2" x 10" tyvek (or you can recycle a postal envelope) to cover your spine.
 I wish that I had double checked these pictures at this point but what I was trying to show was how I had scored the back cover for you to see what it would look like and unfortunately I hadn't zoomed in enough. But you can see in the above picture and below picture how that section has started to curve naturally.
 The next step is the fun part......finding some pretty card stock and covering it. The paper sizes that you will need are as follows. (1) 6 3/8" x 9 1/2" front cover. (1) using coordinating solid card stock for back cover first 9 1/2" x 9 1/2". (1) using the pretty card stock for back cover, 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" this will go on top of the solid card stock in the back. (1) 3" x 9 1/2" solid card stock to cover the spine area once the other two covers have been completed.
 For the inside "lining", I used a piece of solid card stock and it is as follows. (1) 11" x 8 1/4". Note this will NOT make it all the over the "scored bend" it will stop just short of that area because you will want to use a marker and color that in with something that will match the papers you have decided to use. So go ahead and do that at this point. Then for the front inside flap, using the pretty card stock 2 1/8" x 8 1/4". Please see the pictures below for reference and I will tell you the paper sizes for the pockets under those pictures below.
 I used embroidery floss to hand sew my pages in and made 2 holes and added eyelets in my spine. Just line your pages up and make it as even as possible.
 The above picture is showing the front of the front cover and the inside of the front closure. I used a white hairband and a pearl brad as my closure hardware.
 The above picture is showing the back pocket and the inside of the front flap. The paper you will need for the pocket is 2 1/8" x 8 1/4". Then I used my round punch only inserting it half way to make the little pull area.
 The above picture is showing the front inside pocket and the first page of the first signature. The paper sizes for this pocket is made up from two different pieces of paper that I layered on top of one another. The sizes for this are (1) 2 1/8" x 8 1/4" and (1) 1" x 8 1/4". You will also need to punch a circle out of your solid card stock to cover your brad backing from the front cover if that is the method you chose. You can see in this picture where I have glued down my circle to cover the brad back. This will help keeping things from getting snagged it.
 On every page of the journal I alternated stamping using 3 stamps but feel free to do whatever you would like to do. Or not do anything at all. I did snap a few shots of two of the stamps that I used. I had found these at Micheal's in the dollar bin.
I do hope that I described this in detail enough for you and hope that you have fun making one. If you stumble across something that I didn't describe enough for you or if you have questions please feel free to leave me a comment and ask away. I will do everything that I can to help you.
Have fun everyone and have a Happy Scrappy Day!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thinking of you cards...

 Hi everyone! Here are a couple of simple yet elegant cards that I made for a couple of friends that are in the hospital and nursing home. I thought that maybe if they received a handmade card it might lift their spirits.
I used the DCWV Mariposa paper which is one of my favorite collections because it has so many butterflies in it and you all know that I love butterflies. then I also used some of the Stampin' Up cherry cobbler ribbon that I got on clearance for less that $2 a roll. I might add that their ribbon is really a good quality ribbon and you get a lot more on their rolls than what you normally do when you purchase it from a craft or hobby store. So keep an eye out on Stampin' Up's site for when they run it on clearance and be sure to stock up. I was able to get some of the cherry cobbler and a pink one as well.
I hope that you all have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweet and Sour Kielbasa

I've been sick for so long and am craving some more good home cooking. I made this back in August and it has become a staple meal for us. I haven't made it since Aug but thought that I would share the recipe with you. You will notice in the picture that I used two different kinds of pasta because I was running short of the rotini noodles. It didn't make any difference in the taste of the dish so feel free to substitute. It's so good and such a nice hearty meal.

1 pack of Kielbasa sausage
2 tbsp olive oil
1 onion (chopped)
1 bell pepper (chopped)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 box Rotini noodles
1/4 cup of crushed pineapples (drained)
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp butter
Place olive oil in a LARGE skillet on medium high heat. In a separate pot place pasta with water and boil for 7-8 minutes. Slice kielbasa and place in skillet with olive oil. Add onion and bell pepper with the kielbasa until the kielbasa starts browning up. Then add brown sugar and crushed pineapples and stir. Once mixture comes to a boil reduce heat and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Drain pasta and add salt, pepper and butter and gently blend. Place pasta on plate and top with kielbasa mixture. Enjoy!
4 servings
**Please note that I found this recipe a while ago on a website called At home with Nikki

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thank you cards using Gorjuss Girls stamps...

 Hi everyone! I thought that I would share with you some thank you cards that I made. I've been sick with bronchitis for over a month now and have had a few fairly good days but only about a handful of days where I've felt like doing anything other than laying in bed coloring images. But on the days that I did feel fairly good I made sure that one of the things that I did was make thank you cards for those who have cooked and made food to bring to me. It was more of a blessing than these ladies will ever know. The first one is the one that I made for my sister in law who brought me supper two times! Ohhh and it wasn't just anything it was my all time favorite comfort food. Soup beans, cornbread, fried potatoes and one of those meals even had some good ole fresh greens! YUMMY! Thank you so much Cathy, it was so good and my mouth is watering right now just thinking about them.
This second thank you card went to a neighbor to the right of me. Mary Jane brought me some homemade broccoli cheddar soup and cornbread. It was really good as well. Having some good homemade food tasted so good considering the fact that I haven't felt like cooking. I just don't have that kind of energy. It took me much longer than you think to get all of those mini albums completed and I would have to stop and lay down numerous times. My energy level is horrible right now and I just pray that it gets better soon.
Thank you again ladies for the meals. They were greatly appreciated.
Thanks to everyone else for stopping by and I hope that you are having a good day.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Breast Cancer Survivor mini album project using Gorjuss Girl image...

 Hi everyone and welcome back. This is the last of the Breast Cancer projects that I've made. This is the idea that I was telling you that I had originally. I knew that I wanted either pink and white stripe or pink and white polka dot paper along with the chalkboard paper. I had planned on writing on the chalkboard paper but realized that my white marker was just about dried up and my faber castell markers kept wanting to smear so this was what I wound up doing.
 Of course I wanted to put one of the pretty Gorguss Girl stamped girl images on the front cover that I had colored up and then I used some glitter paper that I ran thru my Big Shot to add on top of the chalkboard oval and between the two I think that it showcased the pink ribbon nicely. The girl image is just the icing on the cake I think....have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying coloring with these new Spectum Noir markers lately?
 The pages for this mini album pull out in an accordion type style. Again, I was using whatever papers that I could find that had pink on them.
 I did add some punched pink ribbons to the pages but left them plain so that it wouldn't be intimidating for whomever receives it and so that the pictures are the focal point.
Thank you all for stopping by and I hope that each and every one of you are having a wonderful day. May I also ask that if you're able please do something to help support these ladies who have been stricken with this horrible cancer. We need to stick together and do what we can to help them and show our support in their recovery and to raise money for more research. If you can participate in one of the walks please consider doing so. Have a wonderful day everyone.