Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who's Button and Joshie??

Time out never looked so good to me....when I spotted this little bench at a yard sale at the end of summer I had big plans for it and hadn't even gotten it in my car yet. Now I don't know who Button and Joshie were but I couldn't help but to wonder if they spent many of hours sitting on this very bench or if they were really good kids and it was just to intimidate them into not getting in trouble. Either way....time out meant TIME IN for me and that means another project coming up. So I headed to my local Lowe's as soon as I was done junkin' that day and picked up a wood applique that was on clearance for $9 and a tube of wood glue. I added the applique, painted it black, sanded off the edges and was finished. It was that simple and since I only gave $3 for the bench that brings my total to $12 plus some glue and I have plenty leftover for other projects. I use it now to sit some of my handmade dolls on and they look perfect on it.
Come back soon for more projects......

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