Monday, February 23, 2009

Use what you have on hand

Ok so just like I said......use what you have on hand and this is the perfect example of it. My guest bedroom/craft room was in need of a little make-over so yesterday I started on doing some things to it. Now like I told you earlier....I can't work outside the home so I have to be really thrifty with my decorating and crafting projects. So with that said, I'll explain what I did. I had chair cushions and slip covers on the back but they were in baby blue and quite simply didn't match anything in the room. So I wanted to change it so that it would match. I have to keep two chairs in the room so that I'll have somewhere to sit and work on things and don't have any other place in the house to put them. So I just happen to find where I had saved the leftover material from the tablecloth that I made my curtain for that room out of .... yes folks my curtain for in there is made from a tablecloth....and not only that but it also was a yard sale find along with the matching table runner. They both were brand new when I bought them with the tags still on them and I only gave a few dollars for both of them! So anyway, I took the left over material from that tablecloth and covered my cushion and made a pocket, so I can keep supplies handy, on the back of the little slip cover. Now the pocket was made out of one end of the table runner. I just simply folded over the triangle part at the end and run a stitch along it to keep it flat then sewed up the three sides. Now I have everything matching and looking pretty. You wouldn't believe how handy those pockets are when you don't have alot of storage space.
Have a great day! Come back soon ya'll

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