Friday, February 27, 2009

Box makeover

This is what the boxes looked like before. They are beautiful boxes but they don't match anything in the guest/craft room so I wanted to change them.
Have you ever started a project and had a great idea in your head then go to do it and it doesn't turn out exactly as planned? Well this is one of those projects for me. And I'm not done with them yet. I have 5 of them to do and have only completed 2 and part of another. I'm not completely satisfied with the way that they turned out but maybe someone out there will see the beauty in them.
Here's how you get started. You will need a cardboard sturdy box. (mine came from the dollar store) then some paint, I used barn red, course sandpaper, textured wallpaper with pretty designs, stain (I used colonial maple) and some french words printed out on the computer and ran through a xyron machine to turn them into a sticker.
Here are my french words that I printed out. I used a language converter from English to French that I found while googling.
First step: Paint box white (first coat) Second: cut out decorative design from textured, paintable wallpaper and glue to box Third: give box a second coat of paint and let dry good (this is really important) Forth: Add french lettering. Fifth: use your sandpaper on the edges of the box to shabby it up some and if there are handles like is on mine then be sure to sand a lot of the paint off of those as well for that distressed shabby look.
Sixth: Paint the textured wallpaper with barn red paint. Seventh: use the colonial maple stain and rub all over the box and lid and let dry thoroughly.
Eighth: Fill with crafting supplies, bathroom toiletries, makeup ect and ENJOY!
NOTE: Although this project didn't turn out exactly the way that I had planned it to sometimes it's good to just go ahead and follow through with projects cause you learn as you go. And sometimes things work out better than planned. You just never know until you experiment with things. So go ahead try something new. It may or may not work out but you never know til you give it a shot.
Have a wonderful day and come back soon.


  1. Well I liked the before boxes...BUT they realy have that "found in an out of the way antique shop in Paris. NICE job. Now go to bed.. your makin me look lazy.

  2. The Before boxes matched MY stuf.. BUT the after...they look like a great find you discovered in an antique shop in Paris.Luv then..remember we grow to like things..sometimes we are our worst critic! Now go to bed.. u make me look lazy.