Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's finds were FREE!

Ok these things may not look like much now but I know that I can find something to do with them. They are so pretty and cleaned up so nicely. I think that I'll put them in my bedroom since I'm doing it a romantic shabby chic.
Now with this you really have to have a great vision. It's an extremely pretty antique buffet but I thought at first that it would go in my kitchen but it want fit nor will it fit anywhere else in my house. So I'm thinking that I'll paint it up, distress it then stain it and seal it really really well and put it on my deck for my son and husband to put there fishing stuff in so things aren't just thrown haphazardly on the deck. You will learn that I have to have things organized or it drives me nuts.
So anyway, I'm thinking of painting it black. What do you think? I'm also thinking about painting something really pretty in the center of it like maybe a sailboat, or anchor or some pretty roses and distress that as well.
Over at Willow Rose she has a buffet that is kind of similar with roses painted on it and that's my inspiration now. So even though my husband thinks that I should just get rid of the piece cause it is so large and want fit in the house.......I'm still thinking positive about this and know that I can turn it into something that he loves and will want to keep. Of course, if he remains persistant that he doesn't want it after I restore it and make it all pretty again then I suppose that I'll have to sell it. It's just a grand piece though..............I'm just praying that he will see the beauty in it once it's done. But as of right now........he's adamant that it needs to leave. Keep your fingers crossed that I can pull this one off.
Hope that you have a wonderful day!
Come on back and see me soon.......I'll be here

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  1. OHH that is awesome. I see where the black would do the trick..the netting and seagul has it already looking like it belongs on that porch.. I have seen people buy a smallprint at hoby loby or use a calendar page..and decoupage it on.. then let it dry good.and fine sand paper...sand the edge of the paper to age it.and to make the edge dissapear so it looks handpainted.. then antique over the top of he print.. YOU can make this awesome and hubby will love it. THE idea to store fishing gear in.. TOP NOTCH>>> I was thinkin if it was goin on the back deck..and assumed it would store supplies for bar b q grill..BUT I love it where it is !!
    Get back to sewing your are soo good at it.. It's therepy.. like my mosaic is to me ! I Love how surfing blog to blog feeds the inspiration in us all! Love Big SIS