Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some of my handcrafted jewerly

Some of my jewelry......
and some bracelets
I've been making jewelry for about 3 years. I wish that I had taken formal classes cause I would know the proper way to make it but I learned everything that I know from the Internet and following along with instructions that I'd found. I've gotten better with it but could still need some classes. Tomorrow, I'm going over to one of my old high school friends house to teach her everything that I know and was gathering up the things that I was going to take and thought that I'd share these pictures with you. It should be a fun packed day. We are also going to try and learn how to tole paint. Neither of us can but have always wanted to so who knows maybe we can teach ourselves along with one of the Donna Dewberry kits. We haven't had any luck finding anyone in this area that gives lessons, unfortunately.
So now off I go to gather up my supplies.....I will see you all tomorrow and remember......keep coming back often

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  1. Hey Baabe,it's you that makes this a home,I love you and thanks for the work you do,I love our new kitchen.
    I love you your