Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Desk

This desk was heading to the burn pile. One of my sister in laws called and asked if I wanted a small desk and when she described it to me I said YES! My sweet hubby was in desperate need of a desk for his laptop and I was ready for a project. So it worked out perfectly. I simply sanded off the varnish finish, then took some extra Anaglypta (paintable wallpaper) that I had on hand and cut some designs out of it and glued that where the drawer pulls are and some other places to give it more of a charming and detailed look then a fresh coat of paint on it as well as the handles and it's a wrap. He just loved is and thanks me for doing it for him all the time. awwww I redid his rocker to go with it as well....that blog will be coming up soon.

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