Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A simple little purse

Hi everyone. I thought that I would go ahead and post something about the placemat purses that I make. These are the simplest things to make ever was. just a few straight stitches, a little fabric glue and your done. I wish that I had pictures to show you the step by steps but sorry I don't. I made this back when I was just starting to take pictures of my projects. ***UPDATE 11-4-11*** It was brought to my attention that the link that was originally here for another cute placemat idea is no longer available so I have removed it. It was showing a pillow that was made from a placemat...3 simple stitches and some stuffing...sorry I don't have a picture of it but that's just another idea that you could let your imagination run wild with.


  1. Clicked on the link it just takes me to the Home goods store, any idea how I can find this purse info. thanks

  2. So sorry about that...there used to be an idea on there that I had found but apparently they have removed it and made room for something else. Thank you so much for letting me know.