Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Safe keeping for gardening tools

I woke up early this morning for some reason and had spring on my mind. So I thought that I'd share with you something that I made (along with the help of my husband) and we put in our backyard. I had run across some old fireplace tools and just loved the twists and frill to them and knew that I had to do something with them. I had also picked up an old mailbox at a yard sale years ago and knew that I was going to paint it up real pretty and use it to hold my gardening tools, so this is what I did. I had my husband make me a base out of a 4x4 and then I used the pretty fireplace tool as a support for the base of the mailbox. I then added a little birdhouse that my son had made and give to me. Now it keeps all my gardening tools out of the weather and nice and handy while I'm out digging in the dirt. I might add that the mailbox needs a good cleaning this spring. When I took the picture this morning I noticed that there is mold growing on it. But some may think that adds to the charm. Oh well, that will be something to put on my to do list for when spring does roll around. Do you think that it's ever going to get here? brrrrr

Come on back soon for more......... Have a great day!


  1. Robin,
    I enjoyed your blog very much! Thank you!
    I am going to follow you.
    Nice to meet you, Robin!
    Oh!! I also love your music!