Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just another hobby of mine

Well here is another one of my hobbies. I love to make dolls and have made so many that I've totally lost count. I used to sell on ebay and in a local gift shop so my dolls are all over but I have to say after making as many as I have I really became burnt out on sewing. That's until today........
I went to visit one of my dear friends Brenda today and as she gave me a tour of her home, it totally inspired me to get my sewing machine and material back out and start creating again. I didn't realize just how much I had missed making the dolls until I saw her beautiful cozy home. (Thanks again for having me Brenda, I had a blast) So as soon as I get the buffet project completed, I'm heading back to the craft room and start bringing some more dolls to life. Ohhhhh the joy of creating them is something that I had totally forgotten about until today. The entire process of watching them come together and take on a personality all of their own..... Ok I know that I probably sound like I'm losing my mind but it truly is joy to get to stuff them, paint them and then finally get to dress them and add accessories to them. I just love it.

I also really enjoy giving my creations away and do so a lot. Its fun to see the expression that people have when they open one of them. I know this also sounds crazy but I almost feel like I'm giving a small piece of myself as a gift. Ok that's enough......I totally need therapy now don't I? Anyway, I just wanted to share one more piece of endless hobbies with you. Hope you enjoy!
Have a blessed day! and come back to see me real soon.

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