Monday, February 23, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I bet that you were expecting to see a mirror huh? Well it used to be years ago. Now it's my cork board for the guest room/craft room. I had a huge one in there but it was so ugly and boring. So I had this idea. I took and tore apart the old cork board, grabbed an old mirror frame that my mother gave to me years ago and that same table runner that I mentioned in the earlier post. I just simply took and cut out the oval in the cork board then used my fabric glue to adhere the table runner to that and snapped it (glued it) to the inside of the mirror frame. Oh and I added a little tassel to the top as well to give it a little frill. Not sure if you can see that or not. But now I have not only a pretty piece in the room but a very functional one as well.
Come on back never know what I'll be posting and blogging about next. Have a good night!

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