Thursday, February 26, 2009

More dishes

Well finally these dishes got here after waiting for almost 3 weeks on them! I won them on ebay and was starting to think that they weren't going to arrive. Ok so I know what your thinking....what in the world to I need with yet another set of dishes but, I really only wanted the dinner plates. Everything else just came along with it and I found that it was cheaper for me to get all of these rather than buying them piece by piece. Matter of fact it was waaaaaay cheaper especially with the free shipping. I'm planning on using these in my newly redecorated kitchen to hang on the wall along with another mirror. They are really beautiful plates by Johnson Bros. I was going to get rid of the rest of these dishes once I got them but after looking, I just can't bear the thoughts of it. They are all so pretty and the little paisley finger bowls are so precious. I just hope that my cabinets will hold them all. I'm starting to have a real problem with dishes for some reason and if you would see just how little cabinet space I have then you'd see that it isn't such a good thing. So anyway, just thought that I'd share with you what the postlady brought yesterday.
Hope that everyone is having a wonderful day! Come on back soon.


  1. Hey Sis, my fellow Lakebrat..livin on a lake is for us brats ! Even if we are 800 miles away. I love the dishes.. several years ago I got hooked on dinnerware...I don't know why. I still can't resist. Even if there are only a few odd peices on a shelf at Ross, I think and can I use this. I do know how good the cookies taste when I pick one up off a pink and white striped plate, the chile last night was awesome with cheese from a white ceramic "boat" shaped dish...and the cherry cheese cake served on those square cake plates with white raised dots on the die for..soo yes I understand your THING for dishes. Food is better savourd on a pretty dish. I beleive in your saying..use it NOW..don't save it for "company". Treat yourself as good as you want to be treated !You deserve it !

  2. Robin,
    WOW!!Those Johnson Bros. dishes are absolutely Gorgeous!!

  3. Robin,
    Those dishes are absolutely gorgeous!!
    I love Johnson Bros!