Monday, April 8, 2013

Zoe's mini albums...

 Hi everyone! Thought that since I can't do anything else but lay on the heating pad and rest after my day out shopping at Michael's HUGE sale today I would try to catch you all up on what all I've been doing lately. Oh by the way, if you haven't heard about the need to go see for yourself. It was amazing and I believe I have given new meaning to shop til you drop. Thank goodness that there is a bench at the front of the store because that's where my mom had to go sit and wait on me to find all the things that were on my list. I'm wondering had I went and joined her on the bench for at least a 15 min break if I would of been able to shopped another couple of hours or even another hour. I'm afraid that she would of given me a switchin' (that means spanking in hillbilly terms) had I been any longer than I was. She wasn't real happy with me as it was because I had taken longer than she thought I'd be. Sorry mom...those deals were just too good to pass up but I had fun getting to spend time with her.
Ok so now back to what I've been doing. Remember I was blessed with my little dog Zoe back in December. Well with all of the pictures I have been taking of her I wanted to make her a mini album to put all those in. I wound up making two for her though. The first one I made and then enjoyed making it so much that I decided to do another knowing full well that I'd fill them up.
 I haven't taken any pictures of the insides of them. The pages inside aren't anything new from what I've done before so I want bore you all to death with pictures but I did want to point something out that I made on the outside for my closure for the second album I made for her. You all know how much I love butterflies. Well I had found at the Dollar store the cutest little bobby pins that had a pearl flower at the end of them and had no idea what I was going to do with them when I bought them last summer. But I figured it out...they make PERFECT bodies for butterflies! Look at the picture below. Super simple and I hadn't seen that done anywhere else and didn't know if anyone had even thought of it so thought I'd share that. I've always loved to look in unusual places for things to use in a different kind of way and the bobby pins weren't an exception. I think that these were intended for little girls for sure but don't walk past the little girl stuff. You wouldn't believe what all I've found and use from the little girls section not only in hair accessories but in the little girl or boy for that matter toy section. El Cheapo Toys not fittin' for kids works great sometimes in mini's or on other craft projects. I don't know if they still sell them now but years ago before the rhinestone bling stuff became so popular I used to buy bling from the toy section that was intended for little girls to peel and stick on their fingernails. You never know what you might find.
Stick around....there's more posts to come TODAY!

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  1. That is one spoiled puppy... and Love love the bobby pins.. Clever clever girl !