Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mixed Media Art.....Candy Creek

 Hey everyone! I'm back with my last post of the day. If you all have been reading my blog you all know that around this time last year I decided that I was going to take some painting classes...?? Well shamelessly I posted the outcome and still laugh at my work. As badly as I want to know how to paint it just isn't going to happen. I'm apparently not one of those people who know how to "color within the lines". I've been told that I have a heavy hand when it comes to painting and that I don't hold my brushes correctly. I don't hold a pen or pencil the way others do either but that's only because when I was in kindergarten I was a little lefty and back then that was apparently a no no because my teacher would tie my left hand behind my back and make me write with my right. So I just hold my brushes, pens, pencils different......oh well back to the canvas at hand and to tell you where I was going with the above little story.
 I found with mixed media I don't have to "stay within the lines" or brush this way or that way or roll the brush in the vanguard roll or whatever its called. Mixed media to me seems to be more of a manner of expression more than worrying if you have something perfect. I may be wrong on that but that's the way that I feel about it and I love it. I did this piece at the wee hours of the morning as well and I refused to go to sleep that night before it was done! Many years ago I did paper piecing to go in my scrapbooks..I'm not sure if they still call it that or not but anyway that's how I made my little girl on the canvas and then the butterfly I found in a paper pad I had and I fussy cut that and stuck it on there. I just kept adding things I loved...well it doesn't have everything I love on it but it has a lot of it.
Ok so are you wondering now why I made a sign that says Candy Creek? It's not just because that's the name of my blog and such. I'm thinking about doing youtube videos and I know most of the girls and guys have their sign so people know who it is they are watching. I was thinking if I can get up enough nerve I may try it. I'm not a shy person at all but for some reason getting on camera and doing that scares the living daylights out of me. I guess because maybe I'm my own worse critic on things and I know that they are a lot of people who have nothing else to do but to sit and diss others on the videos. I suppose that's with everything in life though..they are always going to be haters. Constructive criticism is much welcome but just to be downright ugly and mean and put people down just to be doing it is totally uncalled for in my book. So I thought if I went ahead and made my sign and kept looking at it sitting my craft room then it would give me the incentive to jump in head first and go for it.
So what do you all think? Would you like for me to do my tutorials in videos for you? Or do you all understand and get more out of the still picture tutorials? Let me know...I need some feedback here please.
Hugs to all...I'm off to the craft room to finish up some things.


  1. sisnpriss@yahoo.comApril 17, 2013 at 10:05 AM

    WOW, Robin I love all this stuff you have done and please do tutorials. You are very talented and if immature people decide to get on it and comment just know that they are just jealous because they can't do everything that you do!!!!
    Love you girly...Brenda

  2. Awww thank you Brenda. I'm glad that your enjoying the blog and thank you so much for responding and giving me your advice. The thoughts of videoing is scary but I'm thinking that I'm going to try it. Love you too!