Monday, April 8, 2013

It wasn't me! (so she says)

 Ok this is for all those ladies and gents out there that have pets that seem the darndest things happen to them and get blamed for it. Here is one of those instances. See while I was busy as a bee in my craft room, Zoe was in the living playing and minding her own business when all of the sudden it started raining little shreds of paper everywhere. Of course since she was the only other living creature in the house besides myself at the time and the ONLY one in the living room she was instantly blamed for it.
When I walked in and asked Zoe what had happened, this is the look that I got from her. That is the look as if to say "what it wasn't me! I don't know what happened!" I'm sure she was totally innocent in the whole ordeal too. I mean seriously could anything this sweet EVER do anything like this? Uhhh huh that's what I thought! So now I'm on high alert for the invisible paper shredder person that is sneaking in our house. BEWARE you all might have one as well.
More craft posts in a little bit...stay tuned.

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