Monday, April 8, 2013

More mini's....

 Yep more mini's! When I told you all that I had been busy I wasn't just whistling Dixie! Good thing is with me feeling as bad as I have over the past 6 months or so I figured I could sit and work 15 mins, stand and work 15 mins...walk that off around the house and then sleep while I was laying flat. Actually, doing these crafts has kind of helped me forget about how bad that I've been feeling but I'm going into all of that cause that is just being a "negative Nellie" and who wants to hear that mess all the time. So anyway back to the mini's at hand. These are mini that I've made before as well. They are the ones that I told you about that Elsa from Just a Few Designs taught me how to make. You can find her blog on the right side of my page and if you haven't yet please check her blog out. She is such a good teacher and has really inspired me to get in my craft room and create!
 Here is another one...
and another one.
Thank you Elsa for doing a tutorial on how to make the little pages in these mini's. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites.....if it isn't already!
More posts to come....YES tonight! Can you believe it?

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