Thursday, April 18, 2013

More handmade camera mini albums and a little short story....

 Hi everyone! I hope that your all having a great day. I thought that I'd share with you the other two cameras that I made and finished up this morning. I wasn't feeling very well yesterday. Between the pollen popping out here and my muscles aching something terrible. I figured that I needed to give my body a bit of a break and rest yesterday. So here is how I changed up the decorating of the cameras this time. I literally only used what I had in my stash and didn't buy one thing extra to make these. It made it more fun to do was liking finding a really good treasure at the junk store or something.
The chain I used on this one was something I salvaged last year when I cleaned my closet out and was tossing stuff.
 Ok you tell me...what is your eyes drawn to first in the above picture? Is it the lens that I have covered in the filmstrip sticker with old images or is it of my metal buddies? The armadillo? Well for me it's both but believe it or not those armadillos hold a memory for me. Suzie sent me two of them and said that she thought that I might find some use for them....oh she was sooo right! I can't say that without telling you all the story though. See I'm in upper east Tennessee and I've seen a lot of wild little critters here but for some reason when I first went to Oklahoma I always wanted to see what an armadillo looked like because we don't have those here. Well the first trip poor little Suzie slowed down on the interstate because I screamed ARMADILLO as I spotted a dead one on the side of the road. Now why I wanted to see one is beyond me because I'm not that big on wild critters, I'm not a hunter or anything like that it was just something I wanted to see...kind of like tumble weed or something. Anyway, before I went last year she was telling me what a mess an armadillo was making of their yard and they weren't having much luck getting rid of the thing. They are apparently a real problem and just cause havoc to your yard. So as I was sitting on her porch one late night last summer I kept hearing the strangest noise I had ever heard in my was a clickity clackity nose. Suzie had gone in the house to get her something to drink I believe so there I was all alone sitting under the little twinkly lights on her pergola and listening and trying to figure out what this strange noise was when all of the sudden I spotted it! Oh My Goodness it's the armadillo!!!!!!!!! I couldn't scream because I didn't know what this elusive critter would do if he heard some half cocked hillbilly screaming at the top of her lungs...would he dart at me or would he run..what would he do? He was right in front of me when Suzie came outside and I quietly whispered.. "armadillo" and pointed in it's direction. Suzie looked and said "oh that's not one that just Gracie" (her cat). I thought to myself boy oh boy my night meds must of really kicked in because where I'm from cats not only don't look like that but don't sound like that either. But then all of the sudden she looked again and said "YES THAT'S IT, lets get it!" So inside she went to get her hubby's pistol but I named him, was already on the run. So what better way to try to catch an elusive wild animal that to hop on a bright pink golf cart and chase him all the while trying to aim a pistol at it. Uhhh may I just say here that plan was never going to work out not to mention it wasn't exactly safe. So he got away that night even though we went back with the help of Don and set a trap for him. We checked it the following day but Charlie was smarter than that because he wasn't in it. The next night then as I was sitting out late under those same pretty twinkly lights of the pergola just enjoying the peace and quiet I hear Charlie on the move again and went inside and told Suzie that he was out there. So her and Don shot into action and needless to say Charlie rein of havoc was put to an end that night. But not before I checked him out good. For those of you who have never seen one but wondered (if there is anyone) they basically look like a possum with a hard rigged shell that isn't's actually kind of interlocking which is what makes it do the clickity chackity noise. I'll show a picture at the bottom if your interested.
 But for now back to the cameras....I wanted to tell you the story of Charlie so you would get the armadillo thing and since my pictures of that trip went in the mini album inside I figured it was the perfect thing for decoration.

 Then I thought I'd show you another version of the camera. I might should mention that the cameras themselves are handmade as well. I talked about that in my other post with the shabby chic camera.
 I made my handle for this one using some of my mixed beads and such...
 The pearls that are around the camera lens are some that my mothers friend Nancy had sent us and they came from her mothers stash and I just love them. Thanks again Nancy!

Ok here is Charlie. I held it up because I live with two avid hunters and for some odd reason when they kill something they always want to pose with them. It was taken more to be a funny so I could show my husband, son and brother. Poor Charlie...I should of named him Earl. (insert Dixie Chick song here). This is probably the only time in my life that you will EVER see me that close to a wild dead animal EVER! By the way, that tshirt I have on...that is where Carrie Underwood went to school and not far from Suzie's. It's where we make our runs to Sonic at! Yum!
Have a good day all!


  1. Oh ROBIN.. that is such a great memory.. How we chased ol Charlie the first night ...and how you and Don both got shots off to finish that rascal off.. YOu need to come back ..we have another one diggin around.. "Annie get your gun" and get on out here !! OH... i noticed the blue twinkly lights above your head as you hold Charlie ! Oh if that Charlie adventure had been on reality t.v.. it would have gone viral !!

  2. Well I'd be glad to get rid of that little rascal for you. This time we will have to name him Earl though. Or Earlette which ever be the case! :) I still can't believe I held that thing..gloves or no gloves. LOL