Monday, April 8, 2013

Recipe books

Here is a project that I saw several years ago wrote down all the measurements and finally got around to making. It was inspired by Marion Smith and so help me I can't find a link anymore for it but she works with Prima if that helps. I believe in giving credit where credit is due but all that my notes said was who inspired me to make these. If I find the link I will add the link to this post. They were fun to make but took quite a bit of paper. What's a recipe book though with just a couple of places to put recipes right?
I have one more post to share with you all but then I'll have to stop until I can get what I've been working on the most recently on. Reason being is because they are birthday presents that haven't received those intended for and I don't want them seeing them on my blog and ruining their surprise. I'll be sure to post them though because I have been having an absolute blast with them.
If you not asleep yet from trying to catch up then stick around cause there is more to come.

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