Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3D Mixed Media Canvas Art....

 Hi all and Happy Birthday to Suzie and Debbie!! I've been itching to share with everyone these canvas's that I made but had to wait until I knew that Suz and Deb got their packages. I had the most fun making these and am really starting to love mixed media stuff in general. I made another mixed media canvas that I'll share with you in another post but for now let me explain these. First off let me say that I got my inspiration from watching Fiona on youtube. She is Jennings644 on there and if you haven't seen some of her work yet then your missing out because she has totally inspired me to try new things. Of course no two of these are the same and so I did do a few things differently on mine.
If your wondering....yes those are real tree limbs that I added to sit my little birds on. So now a piece of Tennessee is in New Jersey and in Oklahoma! . I will post on here how I cut the canvas's and added the music paper if anyone would like to know. Just leave a comment below if you would like me to put a tutorial on here. I did take some pictures while I was making them just in case.
Hope you enjoyed looking and Fiona, thank you so much for inspiring me. Your an amazing crafter! Plus HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to Suzie and Debbie. I love you both to pieces and hope that you enjoy your gifts! (pssst yes I have more of their gifts to share with you)
Stick around or come back soon because I have more to post...today!
p.s. Suzie sorry I forgot to paint the eye back in your bird after I painted it. Will you do that for me with a speck of black paint please? Poor little birdie

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