Monday, April 8, 2013

Here a mini there a mini....

 Remember several posts back I told you all that I had been busy busy and was trying to stay ahead so I'd have something to share with you all more often rather than sporadically? Well the problem with that is...I wasn't stopping to take time every day to post what I done the day before and such. The reason I wanted to stay ahead is because when I get sick or go down (like what happened to me this winter) then I don't have anything to share with everyone and I feel that my blog and followers (the few I have) have given up on me. So I'm going to try my best to do better. Anyway, here are 3 more mini's that I did recently.
 They are all 3 the same kind that I believe I called my file folder mini's and I showed months ago with you all the insides and I think that I did the tutorial on how to make.
As far as a tip that I learned along the way with these mini's...well it's not really with just this mini album it's for any paper crafting. I know that a ton of you all love butterflies and love to incorporate them in your projects as much as I do and that about as many of you all have the same Martha Stewart punch like I've made the butterflies in the above mini's with. Well here's the when I'm cleaning off my craft table getting ready to start another one and I have just snippings of paper. You know the kind that aren't really large enough to do anything with for another project but you still hate to throw it away....just keep your butterfly punch out and use up those scraps. I simply keep mine on the table and as I digging thru the piles of stuff putting things away and I run across a scrap piece to small to put in the scrap drawer I punch it right the butterfly right then and put it in my butterfly jar. You can see in the above pictures how I layered 3 punched butterflies and made them 3 dimensional. So don't feel guilty anymore and by all means try not to waste that expensive paper. Oh I might should note...I kept saying in the above pictures...what I meant to say was the middle picture is the one I layered and the one that I punched myself. The butterflies in the top and last picture came from a paper collection that I had and all that I did was add stickles and glossy accents to those. Sorry I didn't mean to confuse anyone. I just have used a lot of the punched butterflies lately that I've layered and put on projects.
Geeeesh! That shopping trip today took more out of me than I realized I think.
More posts to come in just a little bit. Hopefully I can stay focused enough to type something that sounds remotely knowledgeable.

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