Sunday, March 24, 2013

Homemade notepads....

 Hi all! I thought I had figured out how you all have something to share every single day. (you stay one step ahead????) Well if you do then I had it figured out now my problem is....I have to sit down and actually blog. I'm ahead but if I don't share then what good is it to be ahead? Ok so anyway, here's a couple of little notepads that I've been making. The ones in the picture above work as little easels and can be very easy replenished.
 Then there are these bingo notepads. There is something about these that just make me smile!
B-15 anyone??? Wouldn't these be great for family game night?
Well that is my share for the weekend with you all. Hope that it's a beautiful one for each and every one of you. Happy Sunday!

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