Sunday, August 30, 2009

Backdoor wreath

I woke up this morning wanting so badly to find something quick and easy to do and when I walked out the back door.....BINGO! I found it! I hadn't put anything on my plain ole grapevine wreath that I had hanging out there and thought to myself...well it's about time that you do something with this naked thing. So off to my craft supplies I went. Luckily I had leftover greenery from a previous project so I grabbed all those out and happened upon some little birds as well. (Imagine me having birds hanging around )
See how sweet they look tucked inside the fern. I wanted to get the real birds nest that is tucked up in one of my pine trees but it's just high enough that I can't reach it and I'm afraid to get the ladder out for fear of fallen and breaking my neck. So I'll have to get hubby to help me get it down and fumigate it real good before I do anything with it. But for now this is what the outcome was for the door wreath. I'm sure that I'll have something else to come up that I'll need the little birds nest for. I have an idea in my head but you'll have to wait til I can get the nest first......

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