Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ahoy Matey....

Ok I know, I know. It's been forever since I updated my blog but truly it's been a crazy summer. Hopefully I will start getting back into the swing of things and with the lake going down soon, I want have the opportunity to get out on it and play.
What I just had to stop and share with you all though is this little surprise that my husband brought me home the other day. It came off of a really old antique boat and I take it that the boats name was in fact Sea Wing. Now my only dilemma is where to hang it outside. I have several options but think that I'll wait until my sis Suzie comes for a visit next week and we decide together where to hang it at. I just love it and don't think that I'll do anything to it BUT if you all have any suggestions then I'm all ears and open for anything.
I have some more pictures to share with you of our beach trip in the next post but first off I'd like to say that this summer hasn't just been all fun in the sun for me. I lost my precious mother-in-law on the 10th of July and needless to say that's been very difficult. If you'll remember I painted her and my mother the flower pots and the painted flower pictures and framed them for Mothers Day this past year......I'm so thankful that I painted those for them. She will forever be truly missed and loved.