Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday surprise!

I couldn't hardly wait to share with you this post and the next one. This is a chalkboard made out of an old cabinet door and then painted with chalkboard paint that my best friend Suzie (from over at Happy Shack) brought me while her and her husband was visiting with us this past week. Notice all the beautiful detailed wood work that they put into it and then the gorgeous paint job that's on it. This picture truly does not do it justice. It was my birthday present from Suzie and one that will hang in my newly redecorated kitchen for many years to come. Suzie's hubby hung it for me and I couldn't of been more thrilled! What was really weird (well not weird for her and I) is that the paint was almost the exact color that I had picked out for the kitchen walls and she lives all the way out in Oklahoma and hadn't ever seen my kitchen in person. Only in pictures. She got the color almost exact. Now I'll have a nice place to leave my hubby notes and to do lists. It works great too cause last night I had written that I needed the fluorescent light in the kitchen fixed and he saw it and jumped right one it! My oh my, this is more than a birthday present it must be magical as well cause my little hubby never has gotten to a list so quickly before. It's so beautiful and I love it. Thank you again so much Suzie and the Happy Shacks hubby for making me such a beautiful piece to add to my kitchen.

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