Monday, August 24, 2009

Cluck cluck

Cluck cluck you tell me. Are these not precious or what? They were made for me by Suzie over at Happy Shack and were originally in primitive looking attire but now...honey they are all decked out and more fancy. I sent them back to her when I was redoing my kitchen so that they would have an updated look and so I could still use them.
She completely undressed them and I sent some of my leftover fabrics that I had from the new kitchen. I don't think that the pictures show just how large they really are. I should have put a ruler up beside them so that you could just how big that they really are.
Look how sweet Miss Fancy is. Suzie added some lace to her dress and I think that it's just precious. I put them in my hallway that leads out of the kitchen so that they would be showcased well. Everyone will see them when they enter or sit in the kitchen. I just love them and had to share with them with you. Thank you so much Suzie for giving them a makeover for me. They are so precious and will be treasured forever! I love you sis!