Monday, August 10, 2009

Cute and Cuddly.....

Hi ALL! I was looking around the house yesterday and noticed these sweet little salt and pepper shakers and realized that I hadn't shared them with all of you. The one on the left I'll go into more detail about in a minute cause it's extra special and holds a little secret. The one of the right is one that I found on ebay and is by Arthur Court. Its the rabbits and the cradles that holds the tiny shakers are cabbage heads. Cute huh? BUT what's even cutier are the next set.....
Look how sweet! These were sent to me as a birthday gift from my dear sweet friend Suzie (sis) from Happy Shack. The little bird holds the salt and the nest holds the pepper. Now how sweet is that? It was just absolutely perfect for me and goes so well in my newly redecorated kitchen. Sorry that the last picture looks so bad, for some reason it kept turning out dark.
Ok off for now but I'll be looking around the house for more things to share with you. I really should have been out there pounding the pavement at yard sales this summer getting great stuff but that hasn't happened. I am however craving a nice visit to TJMaxx and some thrift stores.

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